Divine Dollars (Gift Card Program)

Divine Dollars are gift cards purchased by OLGC families and friends through Scrip. The gift cards maintain 100% of their face value at over 700 retailers. Click here to view list of options

Contact: Bridgette Jreige

How to Purchase:

  1. On Shop with Scrip website; create a family profile. Contact Coordinators for the Enrollment code.
    - Presto Pay: Place an order online using PrestoPay. Payment will be deducted directly from your bank account. All Divine Dollars are delivered to OLGC School and subsequently distributed.
    - ScriptNow: Place an order online and instantly receive your digital Divine Dollars as eCards are available for sending digital Divine Dollars as gifts.
    - Reload: Once you have received your physical Divine Dollars you can reload them directly through the Shop with Scrip site.
  2. Place an order using the below order form. Payment is due at the time of order. Orders Forms are due by Friday for Divine Dollars delivery on the following Thursday.
  3. Buy Divine Dollars in person at OLGC when announced!