I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely spring weather.  As the school year winds down, it is important to continue to make sure that the students are brought to school on time.  At the beginning of the year, when carpool in the morning was taking longer, we were very accommodating to late arrivals.  However, school begins promptly at 8:00 am and those coming in afterward should be marked tardy.  Please make every effort to have the children arrive on time so they can start the day off in a positive direction.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Please be on the lookout for information in the coming weeks about the adjustments we will make to some of our traditional end of the year events given the constraints of this year.  We will continue to give our best efforts to be creative and resourceful and to try to include each and every student whether learning in-person or eLearning.

Please remember that we will have an Out of Uniform Day this Friday, May 14th due to the generosity of the Molter family at last year's auction.  You may wear your favorite outfit of comfortable clothes for the day, following the out of uniform guidelines in the handbook.  Please remember if you are wearing shorts, they must not be shorter than the 2 inches above the knee length required each and every day. 

I look forward to seeing everyone at Tuesday night's Town Hall meeting to try to update you on the current thoughts for the plan for next year as well as try to answer as many questions as you might have as possible.  The Zoom link for the Town Hall will come to you via email on Tuesday.

Adrianne Jewett, Principal

From the Clinic: With FDA approval on Monday and CDC backing approval on Wednesday this week, children ages 12-15 are now eligible to receive Pfizer brand-only COVID vaccines. We will NOT be having a vaccine clinic at school. We encourage you to call your pediatrician to determine if they will be administering the vaccine in their offices, or register through Fairfax County Health Department Local pharmacies will also be providing the vaccine, but you will need to call to see which brand they have available and if they are giving vaccines to children at this time. If you have questions or concerns about vaccination, please discuss those with your child’s primary care provider who can best discuss benefits and risks based on your individual family situation.

As of this publication, the vaccine is not required for school attendance and vaccinated students will still be required to adhere to mask guidelines just as our teachers currently do. HOWEVER, if your child is vaccinated, we ask that you send a copy of the vaccination card to the clinic once your child is fully vaccinated (has completed the series of 2 Pfizer immunizations).  Students who are fully vaccinated will likely not be required to quarantine if there is exposure at team sports or in school.  If we have a copy here at school, we can then provide the vaccine dates to FCHD to prevent your child(ren) from being quarantined with school-related cases. If you do not wish to share your child’s Covid-19 vaccine record with OLGC, then you would need to supply copies directly to FCHD.

Nurse Bliven (