What a beautiful week of spring, there is a fun energy in the air as everyone looks forward to the last few months of school.  We ask you to remind your students to finish the year strong.  We have a few weeks left and we are looking to make the most out of this year!  With that in mind, tomorrow, April 30th, marks the halfway mark for our 3rd trimester and teachers will be reaching out with any concerns.  Parents of students in grades 3 - 8 are also reminded to check PowerSchool to see how your child is performing.

Scantron testing will begin on Monday, May 3rd and continue for the next few weeks.  These tests will help us determine classroom placement for the upcoming school year, so we ask that you remind your children to do their very best!  We are also going to try to allow our eLearners to take Scantron at home this time if necessary and your teacher will be in touch with the specifics on how that will work very soon.  

Please note that while we have been very relaxed this year in our approach to enforcement of the school uniform requirements, next year we will be diligent in enforcing those rules.  Please review the uniform policy in our handbook on the website and make sure everyone is prepared for the new school year.  Haircuts and shoe colors will also be enforced, and consequences instituted for those who do not follow the rules. Please keep this in mind when purchasing shoes and scheduling haircuts for the upcoming school year.   Also, we do plan to have physical education classes twice a week next year for our students so you may wish to pick up another set of gym clothes as well.  While we are moving into use of the new school logo with our gym clothes, we will grandfather the old school logo gym clothing for the 2021-22 school year.  With this in mind, we encourage you to take advantage of the Used Uniform Sale on May 8.  We are trying to give everyone plenty of advanced notice to avoid problems, so please reach out to Mrs. Williams ( with any questions that you might have.

Finally, thanks to the generosity of the Wawrzaszek family, Evan was the Assistant Principal for the day yesterday and made a decision that we were in need of an OLGC Spirit Day.  He was proud to announce, after consulting with our calendar, that this will occur on Tuesday May 4th.  Please be sure to have your students ready to show their school pride with their OLGC attire for the day.  Shorts/pants and shirts must have OLGC on them - remember at minimum it is an extra day to wear your PE uniform.   

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

Adrianne Jewett, Principal

Travel Reminders:  Now that warm weather is here and activities are starting up, we are all reminded that the pandemic is still ongoing and Covid cases are continuing to occur.

ALL TRAVEL regardless of the reason or the type of activity falls under travel guidance of the CDC (  People are traveling now for all kinds of events (weddings, funerals, concerts, sporting events, reunions, etc.) If you are associating with large groups outside your normal everyday family cohort bubble, and you cannot maintain CDC mitigation strategies, then your student(s) must e-learn for 7 days following the travel.

  • If you are traveling by car to attend a large gathering where you cannot maintain 6-foot social distancing, then your student(s) must e-learn for 7 days following the trip.
  • If you are traveling by plane, train or other multi-person conveyance where you cannot maintain 6-foot social distancing, then your student(s) must e-learn for 7 days following the trip.
  • The only exemptions for travel are those students who have had Covid and are within 90 days of active Covid infection. All others must e-learn for the week following travel.

OLGC does NOT require testing to return to school. We have compromised in the middle with CDC guidance** to avoid having families get tests to return to school. We simply ask that the student(s) stay home for 7 days after travel to e-learn for the safety of our whole community.

Parent-only travel does not impact student attendance unless the parent is notified they have become a close contact, then notify the OLGC clinic to work out a plan for student attendance.

** Per CDC websiteAfter you travel: Get tested with a viral test 3-5 days after travel AND stay home and self-quarantine for a full 7 days after travel. Even if you test negative, stay home and self-quarantine for the full 7 days. If your test is positive, isolate yourself to protect others from getting infected. If you don’t get tested, stay home and self-quarantine for 10 days after travel.

Congratulations!  Several OLGC students participated in the Vienna Conservation & Sustainability Art Contest responding to the prompt "We Are Lucky The Earth Provides Us With ..."  In the K-3 category, congratulations to Ailish Cremen, 1st place, Claire Kwon, 2nd place, and Emily Copeland, 3rd place.  In the grade 4-6 category, Sophie Copeland took 2nd place.  To learn more about the contest and the organization's conservation efforts go to: Green Expo | Town of Vienna, VA

Used Uniform Sale: Saturday, May 8, 9-10am, outside gym lobby.  Please park in the basketball court lot.  Masks required.  Cash or checks (made out to OLGC School) accepted.