Thank you, Preschool families, for donating to our toothbrush drive.  We collected 266 toothbrushes!  These will be sent to Wise, Virginia, to be distributed to children in the foster care system.  We appreciate your generosity!

Thank you again for attending our zoom session last week and the fantastic PTO meeting this week.  We are looking forward to planning another Town Hall style session in the April-May time frame so look for more details in the future.  To clarify from the zoom session, based on recommendations from the OLGC Safety & Security Team (S&ST) and the Diocese, new signs will be placed on campus to ensure all visitors are aware that our campus is private property. While there are have been no threats or major incidents at OLGC, we want to ensure the safety of all our students, staff, and parishioners. The staff and S&ST team continue to handle situations and update procedures.  

As we continue to navigate these times together, we would like to explore the possibility of allowing a small version of ECAP to begin during the final part of the school year.  The spots would be limited and we would only be open until 5pm with a flat fee to be determined.  We will employ safeguards and try to prevent cohorts from mixing as much as possible, but we are still finalizing the details.  We wanted to gauge the number of families who might be interested in this potential opportunity, so please email if you are potentially interested in taking advantage of this service and we will plan accordingly.

Please remember that there is a Pajama Day for all students tomorrow, Friday, March 5th courtesy of the generosity of the Noel family from last year's auction.  Also please note that the 2nd trimester ends next Friday, March 12th and report cards will go home on March 19th.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Adrianne Jewett, Principal

Reminder:  Since our students are eating lunch in the classrooms, it is very important to consider food allergens.  Please do not send nuts or foods containing nuts.