Extra-Curricular Activity Program (ECAP)

As of July 2, 2020, No ECAP will be available for the school year,
as we cannot intermingle our students.

The below information is what our ECAP program would normally look like.


What ECAP usually looks like

For students in K-8

The program begins on Wednesday, August 26, 2020 for grades 1-8.  
The program begins on Monday, August 31, 2020 for Kindergarten.

August 1, 2020 is deadline for registration.

ECAP is open Monday through Friday 3-6 pm and begins the first day of school in the fall of each school year. There are no drop ins. 

Students in kindergarten through grade 4 go directly from their classroom to the Counsel Room at 3:00 pm. The students sign in with the ECAP Supervisor on duty. Homework is completed prior to the start of small group activities either in the Counsel Room, outdoors or in the gym. The age and number of students remaining after 5 pm will dictate the activities that take place from 5-6 pm. An afternoon snack is provided to all participants.

Grade 5 thru 8 students go to the designated Middle School classroom at 3:00 pm to work independently on homework. They are supervised from 3-3:45 pm by a Middle School teacher. Those remaining at 3:45 pm go to the Counsel Room.

Our school year is divided into 3 trimesters (12 weeks in each trimester). To use ECAP you must sign up for at least 1 trimester - parts of trimesters are not accepted. You will be billed by the trimester through Smart Tuition. Refunds are issued only if moving out of Northern Virginia.

To reserve a spot, complete the online form below for each student attending ECAP and pay the $50 reservation fee per family. The Registration Deadline is August 1, 2020. Fee can be paid with check, cash or via Faith Direct.

NEW this Year! 

We are offering 1-hour, 2-hour, and 3-hour ECAP programs for the 2020-21 school year.  You must select the number of hours you need each day and the number of days per week that you need the service. You may design your own program.   (For example, you could select 1 hour on Monday and Thursday, and 3 hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday for a total of 11 hours per week). 

In order for us to adequately staff the program, you will be committed to whatever schedule you design for the trimester.  Changing time slots and/or days during the trimester is not permitted. When you enroll for the next trimester, you may make changes at that time. Should an emergency occur, please contact the ECAP director to see if we may be able to accept your child for that particular occurrence.

1st Trimester: August 26th - November 24th - Deadline is August 1, 2020
2nd Trimester: November 30th - March 12th - Deadline is November 13, 2020
3rd Trimester: March 15 - June 8th - Deadline is February 26, 2021

Contact Carrie Sudduth, ECAP Director with any questions or comments.

ECAP Registration Form 2020-21 School Year

Fill out a form for each individual student.

2020-2021 ECAP Fees (K-8)

You will be billed by the trimester through SMART Tuition. Refunds are issued only if moving out of Northern Virginia.
  • 3-6pm  3 hours $22 per day
  • 3-5pm  2 hours $16 per day 
  • 3-4pm  1 hour $10 per day

Fairfax County offers a program for qualifying Fairfax City, County and Falls Church residents that provides assistance for after care. Visit https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/office-for-children/ccar for more details. 

2020-2021 ECAP Closure Dates

ECAP is closed on days when there is no school and is closed on the following half days:

Dates will be forthcoming once the school calendar is set.