Wildcat Weekly 9/5/19

Wow, we are already finishing up our second week back at school! Thank you for your cooperation with filling out the forms, attending the various back to school night presentations, and most importantly for communicating with your teachers. We always strive to work in partnership with you as parents to make it the best year possible for your students. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to your teacher, to our new Assistant Principal Robin Williams or to myself. Please remember it is always best to begin with the teacher for clarification.

Please note that Scantron testing begins next week already for those students in grades 3 - 7. Please plan on having your child arrive to school on time for the next few weeks as the testing begins first thing in the morning, and we do not want them to feel rushed during the testing. The results of this testing is very helpful to our teachers in guiding instructional practices in the classroom and the results will be shared with you as parents shortly.

I wish you a wonderful rest of your week and weekend!

Adrianne Jewett, Principal

Clinic Reminders:

1a Please watch for email from the clinic. As Mrs. Bliven goes through forms and medications dropped off, sometimes signatures or forms are missing. The forms for medications are required in order for the nurse to administer the medication. Medications without forms cannot legally be given because there is no physician authorization, dosing instructions, or signed parent permission form. Please be patient as Mrs. Bliven works through this process this year. She is aware the forms are confusing, and she will work on improving the process to make it easier for you as she gets settled in her role.

1b. If you are sending medications in for the school nurse to dispense, they must be in the original package, and if prescription labeled, and required forms completed. Liquids like Benadryl should be in new unopened packages. Benadryl tablets or chewables just need to be in the foil sealed packaging. First time medications MUST be dropped off by a parent/guardian with the nurse to ensure paperwork is completed and to verify medication was received. The forms can be found on the school website under Parents>Clinic. Questions or concerns please email the nurse at

2. ALLERGY TABLE INFORMATION: If your child has a listed FOOD allergy on their health form, they will be encouraged to eat at the "allergy free" table which is NUT FREE. For clarification, at this time, that table is not all allergy free, it is NUT FREE. Those students at the table may not have nuts of any type but there may still be gluten, fruit, soy, sesame, shellfish, and/or dairy, etc. If your child is TREE NUT only, and they eat Peanuts or Peanut butter they CANNOT sit at the allergy table. If you feel your child does NOT need to be at the allergy table, or will bring an alternative nut product to the one they are allergic to and should not be at the allergy table because of that please email the nurse ( She will let the lunch monitors know it is okay for the student to be eating at the regular tables.

Interested in Volunteering at OLGC? Please read the attached document for instructions on how to get volunteer certification. Volunteer Certification

Yearbook Wants Your Pictures! Want to be showcased in this year's yearbook! Make sure you send us your pictures of school functions! Email

Time to Register for After School Classes: We have a variety of after school opportunities this year. Space is limited, so register soon.




Sep 30 – Jan 13 (No class Oct 14, Nov 11, Dec 23) 3:05 -4:05 PM

$234 for 13 weeks

Contact: Ashley Smurthwaite Register at

YOGA, Mindfulness & Movement for Kids Fall Session (K- Gr 2)

Location: Gym Lobby

Sep 16 - Nov 25 (No Oct 7, 14 & Nov 11) 3-3:50 pm

$180 for 8 weeks (make check payable to Deanna Busteed)

Contact: Deanna Busteed at Click here for Yoga Registration Form. Registration due Sep 13

POWER U is available 5 days a week (max of 20 students per session)

Location: OLGC Grounds & Music Rm

Camp is held on days when OLGC School is in session 3-5 pm

1 day/wk $99 per month, 2 days/wk $199 per month, 3 days/wk $299 per month, 5 days/wk $399 per month

Contact: Ken Tyrrell Register at


SILVER KNIGHTS ROBOTICS - Critters & Creatures (Grades 1-6)


Oct 1 – Nov 19 3:05 -4:05 PM

$204 for 8 weeks

Contact: Ashley Smurthwaite Register at

DANCE & THEATER (Boys & Girls Grades K-2)

Location: Gym Lobby

Sep 17- Nov 5 3-4 pm


A combination class of Jazz dance, theater, and storytelling fun! In the dance portion, children will learn the basic steps of Jazz dance including a choreographed routine. They will also learn about the importance of warming up your muscles and will practice different stretching exercises. In the theater portion, children will play various acting games using movement, sound, and their imaginations. They will also act out favorite fairytales through movement and improvisation.

Contact: Nikki Stezin Click here for Dance & Theater Registration Form.

VIP KIDS IMMERSION PROGRAM Level 1 Beginners (Grades 1-8)

Location: Spanish Room Upstairs

Sep 17 -Dec 3 (class missed due to weather made up on Dec 10) 3-4 pm

$250 for 10 sessions

Contact: Maritza Sosaya

POWER U (See description above)


VIP KIDS IMMERSION PROGRAM Level II Intermediate to Advanced (Grades 1-8)

Location: Spanish Room Upstairs

Sep 18 -Dec 4 (if class missed due to weather made up on Dec 11) 3-4 pm

$250 for 10 weeks

Contact: Maritza Sosaya

MAPLE ACADEMY OF IRISH DANCING – Introduction to Irish Dancing (Grades K-5)

Location: Gym Lobby

Oct 2 – Dec 11 (No class on Oct 23, Nov 17, Dec 4) 3-4 pm

$200 for 8 weeks

Website: Contact:

POWER U (See description above)


SILVER KNIGHTS CODING - Mazes & Monsters (Grades 2-6)


Oct 3 – Nov 21 (No class Oct 24) 3:05 -4:05 PM

$204 for 8 weeks

Register at

Contact: Ashley Smurthwaite Register at

POWER U (See description above)


POWER U (See description above)