Wildcat Weekly 8/29/19

What a wonderful first week back to school it has been. With the start of a new school year there is a time to renew our efforts, meet new friends and develop relationships with new teachers. We welcome our new students and families to be part of the OLGC family and we are so happy to have our returning students and family back with us for an exciting school year. While this week has brought various challenges, such as occasional room changes, we have dealt with everything with a positive outlook and a loving spirit. Aligned with the new theme for this year, we have certainly done everything this week out of love, not fear.

Thank you to all of the middle school parents who were able to join us for our first Back to School Night of the year last night. Hopefully you learned a bit about middle school and enjoyed meeting our wonderful teachers. As I explained last night and will do so at the subsequent back to school nights, we are working to improve the carpool process for all this year. Please note that there are no vehicle restrictions at this point in any "lanes" - when you arrive to carpool you may simply enter the lines wherever you wish. If you are here at 2:30 and the first one in carpool line, then you deserve to be first in the line. Preschool siblings will also be traveling in our normal carpool line this year so please note that we have moved the cones down further to accommodate more cars. Once we have a normal full schedule next week, we will reassess to make sure we are running smoothly. Thank you for your patience and cooperation!

Please note that if you want to walk up to the student area in the morning with your child, you MUST park in the upper lot by the rectory. No parking is permitted in the school lot outside the cones. Additionally, only cars dropping off preschool siblings may enter via Niblick Dr. for drop off in our main parking lot.

We also tried to improve our lunch recess schedules this school year. We now have three lunches instead of four which allows for two teachers to be in supervising the Counsel Room during lunch. Not only do we have increased supervision during the lunches, but we hope the decrease in time for the various recess times will allow parents a bit easier schedule when they volunteer. K, 1st, and 2nd grades will be out back on the playground or the back grassy area each day while the other grades will be sharing the parking lot and basketball courts in front of the school. By condensing the lunch and recess schedule we have been able to increase our supervision all around - keeping kids safe and secure remains our number one priority.

Finally, please understand that we value the importance of a uniform here at OLGC and will be striving to provide daily reinforcement of the required uniform for each and every student to be fair to everyone. The information from the handbook is included below for your reference, please read through it again carefully. This weekend provides a wonderful opportunity for you to purchase the all-white or black socks that are required on regular days and the proper color shoes. The shoes must be ALL solid color, no white swoosh or white bottoms on black shoes are acceptable. While we occasionally make exceptions for medical reasons, these uniform rules will be enforced consistently, and we appreciate your support in this matter. As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Please enjoy a wonderful long weekend and we look forward to next week!

Adrianne Jewett, Principal


Uniform requirements for OLGC students can be found on the school website. Uniforms are purchased at Rolling backpacks or backpacks with wheels are not permitted in any grade. If a student is consistently out of uniform, it will be brought to the attention of the parent via a discipline report. If a student will be out of uniform for a day because of special circumstances, a note must be sent from the parent stating the reason for not wearing the required uniform.


The winter uniform is worn from the day after Columbus Day in October until the first Monday in April. The summer uniform may be worn from the first day of school in August through Columbus Day and from the first Monday in April until the last day of school. • Skirts are to be no shorter than two (2) inches above the center of the knee. • No boots, boot-type shoes, mountain or camping style shoes, heelies, skater shoes, heels or platform heels. • Sleeves on shirts should not be rolled. • Shoelaces should be tied at all times. • Socks must cover the ankles. Athletic socks (white, black & OLGC Spirit Store logo socks only) may be worn only with the PE uniform. • Shirts should be tucked in at all times. • Underwear should never be visible, including undershirts. • The backs of shoes should be worn properly - not stomped down. • All uniform items must be neat, clean, fit properly, and not be frayed or torn. • Pant legs are to be hemmed, not rolled up. • The maximum number of buttons on a student's shirt that may be unbuttoned are the top two. • Hats/caps are not permitted inside the building. • Only solid white tee shirts may be worn under shirts and blouses. • Proper uniform is expected at all times while on school property and on school-sponsored activities, such as field trips. • Facial makeup is not permitted. Only clear nail polish may be worn by girls. • Students are expected to be well groomed. Boys are expected to keep their hair trimmed above the collar, above the eyebrows and no longer than mid-ear. Boys must be clean shaven. Extreme hairstyles, including dyeing hair and shaving initials, numbers or patterns in the hair are not permitted. • Girls may wear a headband or a single bow in their hair in school colors only (blue/white). • Girls may wear only one pair of stud type earrings in their ears. Dangling earrings are not permitted. Boys may not wear earrings. • Only one necklace (medal or cross) may be worn and this should be worn under the shirt. • Excessive jewelry is not permitted. Only one bracelet may be worn at a time. • No Fitbits or Apple watches may be worn.


On occasion the entire school or a specific class will participate in an out of uniform day. Uniform requirements are suspended, but students are expected to comply with school clothing guidelines. Failure to comply may result in a demerit (grades 6-8) or further disciplinary action. • Students are not allowed to wear sundresses or tank tops. • No "short" shorts. • No wide-legged or "sagging" pants/shorts may be worn. • Skirts should be no shorter than the uniform skirt. • T-shirts with reference to inappropriate slogans and pictures may not be worn. • Nice jeans are permitted but they must not be patched or torn. • Tight shorts or pants are not permitted. • Tights and/or leggings without skirts or long shorts are not permitted. • No flip flops, heelies or skater shoes. Sneakers are required for students having PE on out of uniform days. • Shirts must meet pants and stomachs must be covered. No exposed midriffs.


Wildcat Spirit Days will be held throughout the school year. During the summer uniform season students may wear their OLGC logo PE uniform (shorts and t-shirt) or OLGC logo spirit wear. During the winter uniform season students may wear their OLGC logo PE sweatpants with either the OLGC logo sweatshirt or OLGC logo PE t-shirt or OLGC spirit wear. A student coming to school dressed inappropriately on an out of uniform day will be required to call his/her parents for a suitable change of clothes and will not be allowed to return to class until the proper clothing is worn. The decision of the Principal as to what is appropriate will be final.


Students may dress out of uniform on their birthday. Students whose birthdays occur during the summer months will be given a day in June to dress out of uniform. The date will be announced on our calendar.

Music News: Hi, Wildcats. Welcome back to school! My name is Michael Sparrow, the new music teacher. I'd like to get a school choir up and running within the next few weeks to sing at our Wednesday Masses. Please fill out this form before FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th if your child KNOWS they want to join the choir. If they are unsure or need more time to think about it, they are always welcome to join later on in the year. Shoot me an email whenever you like and I'll forward this form to you again. Thank you so much - I'm excited to hear everyone's beautiful voices!

Sports News:

Register for CYO Track & Field. Go to for more information.

Register for CYO Tennis. Go to for more information.

Time to Register for After School Classes: We have a variety of after school opportunities this year. Please see below. Space is limited, so register soon.




Sep 30 – Jan 13 (No class Oct 14, Nov 11, Dec 23) 3:05 -4:05 PM

$234 for 13 weeks

Contact: Ashley Smurthwaite Register at

YOGA, Mindfulness & Movement for Kids Fall Session (K- Gr 2)

Location: Gym Lobby

Sep 16 - Nov 25 (No Oct 7, 14 & Nov 11) 3-3:50 pm

$180 for 8 weeks (make check payable to Deanna Busteed)

Contact: Deanna Busteed at Registration due Sep 13

POWER U is available 5 days a week (max of 20 students per session)

Location: OLGC Grounds & Music Rm

Camp is held on days when OLGC School is in session 3-5 pm

1 day/wk $99 per month, 2 days/wk $199 per month, 3 days/wk $299 per month, 5 days/wk $399 per month

Contact: Ken Tyrrell Register at


SILVER KNIGHTS ROBOTICS - Critters & Creatures (Grades 1-6)


Oct 1 – Nov 19 3:05 -4:05 PM

$204 for 8 weeks

Contact: Ashley Smurthwaite Register at

DANCE & THEATER (Boys & Girls Grades K-2)

Location: Gym Lobby

Sep 17- Nov 5 3-4 pm


A combination class of Jazz dance, theater, and storytelling fun! In the dance portion, children will learn the basic steps of Jazz dance including a choreographed routine. They will also learn about the importance of warming up your muscles and will practice different stretching exercises. In the theater portion, children will play various acting games using movement, sound, and their imaginations. They will also act out favorite fairytales through movement and improvisation.

Contact: Nikki Stezin

VIP KIDS IMMERSION PROGRAM Level 1 Beginners (Grades 1-8)

Location: Spanish Room Upstairs

Sep 17 -Dec 3 (class missed due to weather made up on Dec 10) 3-4 pm

$250 for 10 sessions

Contact: Maritza Sosaya

POWER U (See description above)


VIP KIDS IMMERSION PROGRAM Level II Intermediate to Advanced (Grades 1-8)

Location: Spanish Room Upstairs

Sep 18 -Dec 4 (if class missed due to weather made up on Dec 11) 3-4 pm

$250 for 10 weeks

Contact: Maritza Sosaya

MAPLE ACADEMY OF IRISH DANCING – Introduction to Irish Dancing (Grades K-5)

Location: Gym Lobby

Oct 2 – Dec 11 (No class on Oct 23, Nov 17, Dec 4) 3-4 pm

$200 for 8 weeks

Website: Contact:

POWER U (See description above)


SILVER KNIGHTS CODING - Mazes & Monsters (Grades 2-6)


Oct 3 – Nov 21 (No class Oct 24) 3:05 -4:05 PM

$204 for 8 weeks

Register at

Contact: Ashley Smurthwaite Register at

POWER U (See description above)


POWER U (See description above)