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Be who you are and be that well

Welcome to Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic School which has a long standing reputation for academic excellence and a caring environment which facilitates learning and spiritual, social, emotional and physical growth.

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The Wildcat Fund
The Wildcat Fund

The Wildcat Fund Puts Our Teachers First! Among many other programs and incentives, your support helps fund:

  • Teacher Recruitment Efforts & Retention Bonuses
  • Christmas Bonuses (formerly the Piggy Bank Fund)
  • The Aviat Award (2019 winners recently announced!)
  • Continuing Education Credits

Donate today so that we can continue to show our gratitude to our amazing faculty and staff at https://www.olgcschool.org/wildcatfund.

If you've visited the school recently, you've become familiar with Lobby Guard, the School's new comprehensive visitor management and front office automation system designed to increase building and facility security and awareness through a process of tracking, screening, and badging visitor traffic. Through instant scanning of all Driver Licenses, we now run real-time background checks on ALL visitors to ensure active awareness of all persons in our school facilities for safe daily functioning and in the event of an emergency.

Lobby Guard establishes a safer and more efficient entry point to protect our school environment from unwanted or unauthorized visitors and one that is scalable as our community grows and expands.

This installation, brought to the school by The Wildcat Fund, puts OLGC in line with the safety and security measures already implemented at neighboring Fairfax County Public Schools.

Please give to the Wildcat Fund https://www.olgcschool.org/support/wildcatfund/give.

The Wildcat Fund sponsored the new Two-Way Radio Communication Program that fully connects Parish Leadership, Teachers, & Staff across our multiple campus buildings.

Through the purchase of Smart Radios and the installation of additional external wireless access points throughout the campus, OLGC now has instant communication options. These radios provide optimal coverage for the school, protect the most vital communications in a crisis, and allow improved and easy communication between Leadership and Staff when positioned at various spots both inside and outside the Campus buildings.

These radios provide easy, improved & optimal coverage for communication and will be vital in a crisis. Donate https://www.olgcschool.org/wildcatfund/impact

The Aviat Award: "Let us work for the happiness of others." St. Leonie Aviat

On November 6, 2019 we awarded this year's Aviat Award to three dedicated OLGC Teachers. Sponsored by the Wildcat Fund the award was inspired by and is dedicated to the memory of former OLGC teacher, Elizabeth White. Described as the embodiment of faith, hope, and perseverance, Elizabeth followed in the example of St. Leonie Aviat in her dedication to education and spirit of service. She truly took to heart the Salesian call to "be who you are and be that perfectly well." An OLGC Graduate, she came back home to serve as a member of our dedicated faculty. She brought to that role love for her community, her colleagues, her students, and most importantly her faith. Elizabeth understood that the choice to teach in a Catholic school was one that required certain sacrifices, especially for those who are just starting out. It was her dream to find a way to help those like her to offset the many expenses associated with living and serving in our great community.

In honor and memory of Elizabeth and her dedication to OLGC, we are pleased to announce this year's Aviat Award Recipients: Wendy Kehoe, Gemma Pearson, and Julie Rubio. More details can be found at https://www.olgcva.org/support/give/story-post/~board/giving/post/2019-20-aviat-award-winners.

The Aviat Awards are made possible by The Wildcat Fund, OLGC's annual giving program. For more information, please visit: https://www.olgcschool.org/wildcatfund .

On October 1, The Wildcat Fund kicked off as the cornerstone of our fundraising efforts at OLGC. The former "Piggy Bank Fund" is now part of this annual fund and will continue to benefit our school as in years past. In its second year, The Wildcat Fund will generate resources critical to the school's operations & mission. The areas of focus will be Recruitment and Retention of Faculty and Staff, Advancing technology and the Innovative Classroom, Addressing the needs of our Growing Campus and Delivering Need-Based Tuition Assistance.

Our exceptional faculty & staff are critical to the academic growth and social development of our students. The Wildcat Fund offers professional development, an improved workplace, and opportunities for recognition, such as the Aviat Award and gifts at Christmas. Your contributions will directly impact our teachers and enhance their ability to deliver the highest standards of learning directly to our students.

Your generosity makes a difference – please consider supporting The Wildcat Fund!

To learn more, please visit: https://www.olgcschool.org/wildcatfund