Virtual Tour

Come Explore our School Virtually!

Unfortunately at this time, visitors are not permitted on campus so we invite you to explore us online through these videos.  

Virtual Tour


Kindergarten with Mrs. Miller


1st grade with Miss Mann


3rd grade with Miss Pearson


5th grade with Miss Kidd


Middle School Math with Mrs. Rubio


Middle School Science with Mrs. Luketic

Preschool Tour


Kindergarten with Mrs. Gartner


2nd grade with Mrs. Valleskey


4th grade with Miss Jones


Health and Wellness with Coach Jones


Middle School English with Mrs. Kehoe


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Examples of Teachers' Instructions from March - June 2020

When COVID-19 arrived in March, OLGC went to eLearning in one week. 

Preschool Earth Day Circle Time

4th Grade Math Lesson

Kindergarten Science Lesson

Middle School Science Lesson

1st and Second Grade Art Lesson

Middle School Social Studies

Thank you for visiting. 

We love and take care of our families, and our families appreciate our teachers and staff, and all they have been doing. We continue to Live Jesus daily!