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Unfortunately at this time, visitors are not permitted on campus so we invite you to explore us online through these videos. 

Virtual Tour & Conversations

Sunday, November 15th at 1pm
Wednesday, November 18th at 7pm

Preschool Tour


eLearning for each student, grade, class, and teacher looks different at OLGC.

Teachers use:
  • Videos
  • Google Hangouts
  • Zoom meetings
  • Classroom Dojo
  • emails, and phone calls to communicate and instruct their students.

Examples of Teachers' Instructions from March - June 2020

Preschool Earth Day Circle Time

4th Grade Math Lesson

Kindergarten Science Lesson

Middle School Science Lesson

1st and Second Grade Art Lesson

Middle School Social Studies

Each week Principal Mrs. Jewett gave a Family Time Challenge, Asst. Principal Mrs. Williams gave Prayer Challenges, Counselor Mrs. O gave Social-Emotional Challenges, and occasional messages & videos from Nurse Bliven.

The Specials Subjects (Art, PE, Music, Science Lab, Library, and Spanish) posted weekly assignments. On Fridays throughout May, we will be using the professional development time allotted by the Superintendent to allow classroom teachers to spend time recording their lessons and preparing for Zoom classes they will have the following week. Therefore, we will be calling those Fridays "Special Fridays", and we will ask that the homeroom teachers not send any new work so that the students (and families) may have some time to catch up on any assignments not finished earlier in the week.

Throughout this time, the priests visited online classrooms or sent videos to the families.  

Many of our happenings were posted on our social media sites.

Photos from eLearning March - June 2020

Thank you for visiting. 

We love and take care of our families, and our families appreciate our teachers and staff, and all they have been doing. We continue to Live Jesus daily!