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Welcome to Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic School which has a long standing reputation for academic excellence and a caring environment which facilitates learning and spiritual, social, emotional and physical growth.

Tuition & Payment Plans

Our Lady of Good Counsel school community unites to learn, live, love and serve in the Salesian spirit. We inspire lifelong learners to thrive in a global community, recognize and love God’s presence in all, serve others with humility, and live Jesus.

We hope you will see that this is an investment in your child to affirm their Catholic identity and instill deep-rooted spiritual values as well as an education geared toward the development of the whole child: spiritually, emotionally, physically, intellectually and socially.

2019-20 Tuition Rates


Preschool Tuition (includes lunch & snacks)

There is no difference in pricing for Catholic and Non-Catholic students.

  • 5 Full Days    $7,800 per  year
  • 5 Half Days    $6,500 per year
  • Preschool Extended Day 2:45pm-5pm     $3800 per school year

For families with students in K-8 and Preschool, there is a multi-student discount. To calculate the multi-student discount, add the individual tuition for each student, then subtract $1500 for two, $3600 for three, $5900 for four.

K - 8th grade

Registered Catholic Parishioners

Number of Students in Family

Tuition and Registration Fee Combined











Number of Students in Family

Tuition and Registration Fee Combined









                                                     5 or more students $5,000 each


All fees are administered through our Smart Tuition system. This allows the fees listed above to be spread out over the various payment options offered including 1, 2, 4, 10 and 12 payments.  Tuition and fees do not cover the entire cost of educating a student at Our Lady of Good Counsel. The projected cost per student for the 2019-2020 school year is $9,085. The difference between the cost and revenue per student is subsidized by our Parish. 

Sacramental Fees  (required 2nd & 8th grades) - $50 per student 
K-8 Supply Fee (required) - $60 per student / year
Milk Fee (optional) - $50 per student / year
iPad Fee (required gr 6-8) - $250 per student / year (once all payments are received for three years of middle school, student keeps iPad upon graduation).
Yearbook Fee (optional) - $35 / book
Hot Lunch Program (Thursdays optional) - TBD
ECAP  Fees (K-8 after care optional) - See the ECAP webpage for more information

  • 3-5pm  5 days/week  $950/trimester
  • 3-5pm  3 days/week  $570/trimester
  • 3-6pm  5 days/week  $1180/trimester
  • 3-6pm  3 days/week  $750/trimester

Applications for New Student Enrollments and Re-Registrations of Current Students are accepted at any time.  

Open enrollment period is the period from the date of a November open house through April 1 of the same school year.  A $500 tuition deposit is required for all students, whether new or returning. Deposits made during this period are 50% refundable, email dated no later than May 1, can be verified to have been sent by the parent/guardian of the student to pastoralassociate@olgcva.org with the subject line “request for tuition deposit refund”. 

Special enrollment period is the period from April 2 to the date of the next November open house.  A $700 tuition deposit is required for all students, whether new or returning. Deposits made during this period will not be refunded under any circumstances.

We do not accept checks or cash. All tuition deposits must be made online through Faith Direct - click here to make your deposit (https://membership.faithdirect.net/events/details/2447).

We appreciate your support and trust as we continue our ministry of teaching your children.

Tuition payments are made through Smart Tuition. Parents complete a one-page form to choose their Payment Plan and Payment Options. Parents have three ways to obtain information about their tuition account:

1) Call Smart Tuition at 888.868.8828.
2) Use the Smart Tuition automated phone help system at 888.868.8828.
3) Access the secure Smart Tuition website. After enrollment, User account IDs and passwords are provided so that you can make payments, change bank account information, obtain balances and statements and find answers to questions. Email reminders will notify you in advance when automatic withdrawals will be made or credit cards accessed for payments.

If you have any questions about your tuition rate or if you wish to change your payment plan or method, please email pastoralassociate@olgcva.org.

Tuition Plans

Tuition Payment Plans & Options

One (1) Time Pay:
Payment due Sept 1st.
$43.00 enrollment fee waived

Two (2) Payments:
Payments due Sept 1st and Jan 1st.
$43.00 enrollment fee added to 1st tuition payment

Four (4) Payments:
Payments due Sept 1st, Nov 1st, Jan 1st and Mar 1st.
$43.00 enrollment fee added to 1st tuition payment

Ten (10) Payments:
Payments due Aug 1st thru May 1st.
$43.00 enrollment fee added to 1st tuition payment

Twelve (12) Payments:
Payments due July 1st thru June 1st.
$43.00 enrollment fee added to 1st tuition payment

Tuition Options

Tuition Payment Options:

What is the best option for you? Some things to consider:

Direct Debit of your Checking or Savings Account (Auto Debit):

  • It is the most economical. No checks to write. No postage. No Convenience Fees. 
  • No need to remember. You will always be on time as long as funds are available.
  • If your debit card has one of the Credit Card Company logos listed below in number 2, you can use your debit card. However, it should be recorded in the credit card section of the Tuition Enrollment Form and the Convenience Fee will be charged to you. It is much better to simply take the information from your check.

Credit Card (MasterCard, Discover, or American Express):

  • No checks to write. No postage.
  • No need to remember. You will always be on time as long as there is sufficient credit available.
  • There is an additional Convenience Fee for each transaction.

Direct Pay to Smart Tuition by Check or Money Order upon receipt of your Monthly Invoice:

  • Must write a check or obtain a money order. Postage required.
  • If your check bounces for any reason, you will be charged a bounced check fee.
  • Must remember to mail. If tuition is late, a fee will be charged.

For additional information on Tuition Payments and Fees, consult the Tuition Enrollment Form or contact pastoralassociate@olgcva.org.

Tuition Assistance

Important Note

Tuition assistance is available. To be considered for any type of tuition assistance, whether from Diocesan sources or Parish sources, you must apply every year using FACTS Grants & Aid. FACTS is the company contracted by the Diocese of Arlington to provide a confidential and objective financial analysis to the Diocese and Pastor in determining a family’s ability to pay for Catholic School Education.

To become eligible for receiving funds from this program, students must satisfy all of the criteria described below:

  • A baptized Catholic or convert officially received into the Church
  • Family resides within the boundaries of the Diocese of Arlington
  • Family is registered and an active member of the parish
  • Student attends or is accepted by a Catholic school in the Diocese of Arlington
  • Family has paid tuition deposits for the new school year

There are two deadlines to consider: January 22nd for families with BOTH high school and elementary students ; and March 15th for OLGC families with elementary students only . We encourage everyone to apply by January 22nd.

If you anticipate that there may be a need for financial assistance, you must email pastoralassociate@olgcva.org.