Physical Education

Physical Education Instructors:

Mrs. Sudduth, Bio
Mr. Jones, Bio

"Building physical active lifestyles, one person at a time."

Welcome to a place where movement matters in our newly renovated gymnasium. Over the course of the school year, children will be encouraged to try new activities, be active, and have a positive attitude in everything they do.

Your child will be able to wear the OLGC issue gym uniform on days they have PE.

Monday: Rooms 
Tuesday: Rooms 
Wednesday: Rooms 
Thursday: Rooms 
Friday: Rooms 

Curriculum Highlights

Spatial awareness and basic motor development for lower level grades.

Teaching throwing, catching, and striking skills by mid elementary.

Highlighting team sports for middle school, working mainly on offense/defense situations and transitions

Web Links and Resources:

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Our Lady of Good Counsel Curriculum follows the guidelines set forth by the
Arlington Diocese Office of Catholic Schools.