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Music Room: Mr. Sparrow Bio

The Diocesan music curriculum encourages students of all ages to explore many different areas of music. Here are some of the topics that I will be teaching to each grade this year:

  • Performance techniques and proper behavior
  • Developing personal connection to, and creation of, music
  • Music theory and the foundations of Western music
  • Familiarity with the instruments and history of the orchestra
  • Aural analysis of different genres of music
  • Investigation of other music cultures around the world
  • Cross-curricular connections between music and other subjects
  • Understanding the role of music in society and in the liturgy

Kindergarten ~ 2nd

3rd ~ 5th



Middle School



For each unique culture in this world, there is a unique musical tradition that goes along with it. For this project, choose one culture from among your own heritage, research the folk music of that culture, and create a PowerPoint presentation that contains the following information:

  • Characteristics of the musical sound – volume, tempo, general mood, etc.
  • List of instruments used in this music
    • Please include pictures and brief descriptions of any instruments that are not also found in Western music
  • One way in which this music is similar to Western music – similar instrument, performance techniques, concert etiquette, etc.
  • What purpose(s) do(es) the music serve in this culture?
  • Video or sound recording of music being played

* * * This project is due on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24! * * *


The OLGC Student Choir is open to all students grades 1-8. Rehearsals are held on Tuesdays from 3-4 PM; the choir is responsible for singing the music at our weekly Wednesday Masses, and cantors are selected each week from this group. For more information contact Michael Sparrow, the music teacher, at msparrow@olgcschool.org