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Welcome to the Art Room! The philosophy behind the Diocese of Arlington’s art curriculum is based on the belief that each person is a unique creation, having worth as a child of God, and as a gift of God, possessing many talents. Art is a visual language that can be read and understood by children and teachers alike as an important part of their response to beauty in God’s created world.

Art Curriculum Highlights include:

Grades K-3 focus on the elements of art, how they are used to create a composition and how art is used to celebrate our faith.

Grades 4-5 begin combining the elements of art with the principles of design into their work.

Grade 6 learns all about art around the world and how different cultures use art.

Grade 7 studies different art movements such as Pop Art and Op Art.

Grade 8 works on 3D art and making their art reflect their own unique viewpoints and personalities.

Why does your child need art?
  1. Art is something to share. It builds connections between friends, family and community.
  2. Art teaches risk tasking and learning from one's mistakes.
  3. 33% of children are visual learners.
  4. When art is integrated in other curriculum areas, children become more engaged in the learning process.
  5. Art develops instincts and intuition.

Student artwork is displayed in the Counsel Room and on our Online Gallery through Artsonia.

  • Please e-mail Mrs. Miller for your child’s screen name.
  • New artwork is uploaded on a weekly basis.
  • You can sign up through the website to receive e-mail notification when your child has new artwork posted.

Student Artwork Examples

Art 8-1
Art 8-2
Art 8-3
Art 8-4
Art 8-5
Art 5-1
ARt 5-2
ARt 5-4
Art 5-6
Art 6-1
Art 6-2
Art 6-3
Art 6-4
Art 7-1
Art 7-2
Art 7-3
Art 7-4

Our Lady of Good Counsel Curriculum follows the guidelines set forth by the
Arlington Diocese Office of Catholic Schools.