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Spanish Room: Mrs. Williamson Bio

Curriculum Highlights

6th Grade

Students will exchange simple spoken and written information in Spanish. This will include basic greetings, expressions of courtesy, likes and dislikes, descriptions. And other topics, such as, family, time and weather.

Students will understand simple spoken and written Spanish based on familiar topics. Identifying main ideas, following simple instructions and comprehending announcements and messages will be included.

Students will present information orally and in writing in Spanish. Information will be gleaned from conversations, readings and presentations. Usage of correct word order, punctuation, accents and spelling will be developed.

Students will develop a cultural awareness of the Spanish-speaking countries. Identifying customs, traditions, products, and important historical and contemporary individuals are key to this awareness.

7th Grade

Students will continue to develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Listening: Students will differentiate between statements, questions, and exclamations. Students will comprehend oral messages, such as advertisements.

Speaking: Students will use formal and informal forms of address in familiar situations. Students will sustain and close brief exchanges.

Reading: Students will identify main ideas and details from written materials.

Writing: Students will demonstrate increasing attention to word order, punctuation, accents, and spelling.

Students will develop an awareness of the customs, traditions, and products of Spanish-speaking countries.

8th Grade

Students will utilize increased knowledge of vocabulary and grammar through written and oral expression.

Students will ask questions and provide responses appropriate to materials acquired during this year of study.

Students will use verbal and nonverbal cues to understand simple spoken and written messages in Spanish.

Students will present prepared materials, such as, poetry or dialogues, using appropriate verbal and nonverbal techniques.

Students will recognize that perspectives and practices of Spanish-speaking countries are interrelated. They will recognize that customs and traditions shape their cultures.

Students will connect information when comparing cultures and elements of language.