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Curriculum Highlights

Math Resources (Middle School)

McDougal Larson Mathematics 1 & 2 Textbook 
McDougal Larson Pre-Algebra Textbook
Larson Algebra textbook 
Larson Geometry textbook


For Students (practice)

1) AAA Math (practice by grade level):
2) Coolmath (ages 13+, lessons, practice, games):
3) Math by Oz:
5) Math is Fun:
6) Powers of Ten (exponents):
7) Tables and Graphs:
8) (Pre Algebra):
9) (Math 7):
10) Purple Math:
11) Math Drills Free Worksheets:

For Students (games and puzzles)

1) Coolmath (ages 13+, lessons, practice, games):
2) Figure This! Math Challenges:
4) Math is Fun:
5) (Pre Algebra):
6) (Math 7):

For Students (tools)

1) Common Formulas:
2) Dictionary of Number Words:
3) Math by Oz:
4) Math in Daily Life:
5) Math League Help Topics:
6) (formulas, tables, references):
7) Math History:
8) Mathematics Magazine (help with topics):
9) Math Dictionary for Kids:
12) (Pre Algebra):
13) (Math 7):
14) Purple Math:

For Parents

1) Forsten, Char. Teaching Thinking and Problem Solving in Math—Strategies, Problems and Activities. 1992.
2) Long, Lynette, Ph.D. Marvelous Multiplication—Games and Activities That Make Math Easy and Fun. John Wiley and Sons, Inc. Scholastic Professional Books. 2000.
3) Lakatos, James. The Princeton Review—Roadmap to 8th Grade Math: Virginia Edition. Random House, Inc. 2002.
4) Burns, Marilyn. Math—Facing an American Phobia. Math Solutions Publications. 1998.
5) Vorderman, Carol. How Math Works. Dorling Kindersley Limited. 1996.
6) Hirsch, E.D., Jr. What Your Sixth Grader Needs to Know. Doubleday. 2006.
7) Wyatt, Valerie. The Math Book for Girls and Other Beings Who Count. Kids Can Press Ltd. 2000.
8) Pappas, Theoni. Fractals, Googols and Other Mathematical Tales. Wide-World Publishing. 1993.
9) Pullman, Phyllis. How to Solve Word Problems in Arithmetic. McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. 2001.
10) Smoothey, Marion. Let’s Investigate Number Patterns. Marshall Cavendish Corporation. 1993.
11) Carman, Robert A. and Carman, Marilyn J. Quick Arithmetic—A Self-Teaching Guide. 3rd Edition. John Wiley and Sons, Inc. 2001
12) Thompson, Frances M. Hands –On Algebra! Ready-to-Use Games and Activities for Grades 7-12. The Center for Applied Research in Education. 1998.
13) Long, Lynette, Ph.D. Painless Algebra. Second Edition. Barron’s Educational Series. 2006.
14) Algebra: Grades 6-9, Kelley Wingate Publications, 2009.
15) Pre Algebra: Grades 5-8, Kelley Wingate Publications, 2009.

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