Rm 16 - Miss Gonzales Bio

So it is with children who learn to read fluently and well: They begin to take flight into whole new worlds as effortlessly as young birds take to the sky. —William James
The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them. There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book.—Frank Serafini

Important Class Resources:

1. Literature Class Policies and Expectations
2. Online Savvas Textbook
3. Schoology Login Page
4. Purdue OWL (MLA Study and Formatting Guide)
5. NaNoWriMo Website (for those participating in our annual November extra credit opportunity)

OLGC School Summer Reading Lists:

Students who will be in grades 3 through 8 during the 2021-2022 school year have summer reading assignments. Please click here to visit the OLGC Library website for a link to the Rising Middle School Student Reading Lists.

The goals of studying literature are:

  1. to develop and improve analytical reading and thinking skills
  2. to acquire writing skills and techniques that present clear arguments supported by appropriate evidence
  3. to study and apply standard English grammar and vocabulary in speaking and writing
  4. to develop a strong and varied vocabulary
  5. to read diverse literary works that allow students to recognize universal themes and to compare styles and ideas
  6. to foster oral communication skills
  7. to use a variety of technology applications for research and writing

Curriculum Highlights:

Our Lady of Good Counsel Curriculum follows the guidelines set forth by the
Arlington Diocese Office of Catholic Schools.