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October 2018
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Mon, Oct 1
LIT 6 - Archimedes and the Door of Science Unit Test

Topics covered:

  • the book
  • the Archimedes PowerPoint (including map of locations pertinent to Archimedes)
  • Socratic Seminar PowerPoint
  • quoting from a text
Span 6

please check your grades online. as of Oct. 1 before today's class there is only one grade.

Be sure you do not have a zero.

there will be more grades this week. keep checking them.

Wed, Oct 10
Span 6

due Monday, October 15

on loose leaf paper

write 5 Spanish phrases with the English

use vocabulary from textbook dicitionary

include an article a noun and an adjective

at least 2 must be plural

example-the blue cars los coches azules

Sat, Oct 13
Sun, Oct 28
Wed, Oct 31
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