Middle School (6-8)

There are two homerooms in each Middle School Grade 6-8. The Middle School curriculum is sequential in all areas and students are exposed to a wide variety of cross-curricular learning activities. Math, English, Literature, Science, Social Studies, Religion and Spanish are the core subjects. The students rotate among these faculty members, each of whom has expertise in their subject. Courses in Pre-Algebra and Algebra are also offered to students in the Middle School.

6th grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

Quotes from Middle School Students:

One thing that I liked about 8th grade was being the leaders of the school. This year we were able to host intramurals, we were the refs and set the rules...After seeing all the 8th graders in the past...we finally got to experience it. - 8th grade student
I really like that I get a different teacher every 45 minutes. - 6th grade student

Additional Middle School Information:

Computer Technology, Library, Music, Physical Education, Art, Science Lab, Health & Wellness, and Study Hall are offered throughout the year.  

Middle School iPad Information:  Our Lady of Good Counsel School issues an iPad to all incoming Middle School students.  Students are required to purchase a case for their iPad.  Here is our recommendation for a case that will fit with our iPads:  https://www.logitech.com/en-us/products/ipad-keyboards/rugged-folio.920-009312.html.  You may purchase any case that you like, but the above recommendation will definitely fit our iPads.  Any case that fits a 9th generation standard iPad should work for our school-issued iPads.

Religion is taught on a daily basis. Students attend Mass together each Wednesday, on Holy days and celebrate the Sacrament of Penance in Advent and Lent. Students prepare special programs for our liturgies and participate as servers, lectors, and vocalists.

Parents and students have online access to view progress reports. Online access for parents and students encourages students to be responsible for their own academic progress and allows parents to monitor his/her progress as well. The ability to view grades each week encourages open communication between student, parent, and teacher.

Special Events for Middle School students include Lenten Living Stations of the Cross (Presented by 7th Grade), STEM Fair (7th Grade), Field Day (6th & 7th Grades), and the 8th Grade Night of the Arts. Students also participate in a variety of field trips throughout the year to support our curriculum. There are many other School Traditions.

Leadership opportunities are available for Middle School students. Middle School students are prayer partners with the younger students helping them to learn proper Mass behavior and participation and joining in creative classroom activities to encourage friendships between the prayer partners. Middle School students can also join the Student Council, Yearbook Club, Shakespeare Club, and Debate Club as well, and acquire leadership roles in the school by being Student Council officers.

Middle School Honor Roll includes first and second honors for each trimester based on the following requirements: 

  • All grades for special classes must be 2's and 3's for both first and second honors.
  • First honors require an overall average in all academic classes from 97% to 100%.
  • Second honors require an overall average all academic classes from 93% to 96%.
  • Students found to have compromised their academic integrity by either cheating or plagiarizing work (or assisting anyone in doing either) during the trimester will not be eligible for honor roll.  Additionally, honor roll students follow the Code of Conduct, and may not have any disciplinary actions against them during the trimester to qualify for honor roll.  

Each trimester, awards are also given for outstanding work in Art, Library, Music, PE, and Technology.

Our Lady of Good Counsel Curriculum follows the guidelines set forth by the
Arlington Diocese Office of Catholic Schools.