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Welcome to Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic School which has a long standing reputation for academic excellence and a caring environment which facilitates learning and spiritual, social, emotional and physical growth.



Room 17: Ms. Braeuer Bio
Room 18: Ms. Petrella Bio

Curriculum Highlights:

Students enjoy learning to read and write in a variety of settings - whole group, small group, and individually. The students learn new math skills such as adding and subtracting and telling time. Teachers incorporate hands-on activities and math manipulatives into the lessons. Our social studies lessons revolve around learning about the history of Thanksgiving and the importance of historical figures. The highlight of our science lessons is watching the life cycle of butterflies right in our own classroom! Another aspect of our kindergarten curriculum is learning important social skills such as sharing, respecting others, and making new friendships. Most importantly, we learn about Jesus and how much He loves us.

Classroom News:

Important Kindergarten Information

  • Accordion

Daily Kindergarten Suggestions

1. Expose your child to as many books as possible.

2. Ask your child to recognize letters and letter sounds.

3. Practice handwriting by making up a story or sentence.

4. Practice identifying and writing numbers.

5. Practice church manners and saying daily prayers.

6. Discuss your child's day: What was your favorite part and why? What happened? Did you learn anything new you can share with me?

The Kindergarten Team greatly appreciates all our parent support. Thank you.

The OLGC Kindergarten Curriculum follows the guidelines set forth by the
Arlington Diocese Office of Catholic Schools.


Kindergarten Homework:

Should take no longer than 15 minutes per day. It is meant to reinforce concepts taught in class and strengthen core skills: math, reading and writing. It also introduces the concept of "homework" which will be a standard throughout their OLGC career!

Monday - READING: Blue Folder Reader sent home.

Tuesday - PHONICS: Worksheet

Wednesday - MATH: worksheet

Thursday - HANDWRITING: worksheet

Friday - READING: Blue Folder Reader returned to school.

Field Trips

Field Trips

  • Hidden Oaks Nature Center
  • Fire Department Safety Puppet Show visits OLGC
  • Spring Play Performance

Website Links and Resources



Go Noodle

Tablet APPs
  • Little Writer
  • Little Speller
  • Draw and Tell
  • Hungry Fish

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