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Welcome to Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic School which has a long standing reputation for academic excellence and a caring environment which facilitates learning and spiritual, social, emotional and physical growth.

4th Grade


Room 7 Mrs. Blatnik

Room 8 Mrs Crawford

Curriculum Highlights:

  • Fourth Graders love being the "big kids" and have the wonderful job of setting a good example for the younger children.
  • Social Studies
    • To help put their social studies knowledge to good use, the students become Indians and write diaries of what a day was like in the life of these young braves and squaws!
    • Students learn about Virginia patriots and their contributions to Virginia history, Virginia's role in the global economy and Virginia government.
    • Science
      • Units of study include: Weather, Ecosystems of the Oceans, Electricity and Magnetism, Our Solar System, Plant Anatomy and deeper study into Body Systems
    • Language Arts
      • Reading includes continued development and maintenance reading skills and exposure to a variety of literary genres.
      • English supports students in reviewing and maintaining proper grammatical usage as well as providing a variety of opportunities to express themselves through writing for a variety of purposes.
    • Religion
      • Students will prepare and lead two school masses per year
      • During Lent students will act out the Stations of the Cross for the school community.
      • Students learn to appreciate and put into daily practice traditional prayers of our Catholic Faith.
      • Major topics presented to the students include: Profession of Faith, Liturgy and Sacraments, Commandments and Beatitudes.
    • Special Events and Field Trips
      • Colonial Day
      • Jamestown and Yorktown Field Trips
      • Blandy Farm

Classroom News:

OLGC School Summer Reading Lists:

Students who will be in grades 4 through 8 during the 2018-2019 school year have summer reading assignments. Please click here to visit the OLGC Library website for a link to the Rising 5th Grade Summer Reading Lists.

Room 7

Room 8

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Website Links and Resources:

Social Studies - Harcourt Horizons Virginia
Religion - Christ Our Life
Science - Scott Foresman
Literature - Pearson Success Net
Math- Sadlier

Classic Typing - Practice keyboarding (WITHOUT looking down) 5-10 minutes every week on Classic Typing in the Courses section.