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3rd Grade


Room 5: Miss Boyce Bio
Room 6: Miss Pearson Bio

Curriculum Highlights:

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

While studying simple machines, each student creates a compound machine using at least two simple machines. Creations have consisted of cereal dispensers, catapults, and machines that moved objects and cars using pulleys and inclined planes.

The students then visit Colvin Run Mill to see simple machines in real action. They watch simple machines at work in the barn and learned how farmers got their products to the general store.

State Fair Day is the culmination of learning about the United States. The children learn about one state and help the school learn about it as well, by decorating a wagon and participating in a parade.

Classroom News:

Things to know

  • Please check the homework folder everyday.
  • Please pack a healthy snack along with a water bottle everyday. It helps them to stay hydrated, focused and ready to learn. Snacks should be small, something your child can easily eat in 5-10 minutes.
  • If your child is going home with someone other than his/her regular carpool, please have both parties write a note to the teacher and put it in the red folder.

The 3rd Grade Team greatly appreciates all our parent support. Thank you.

The OLGC 3rd Grade Curriculum follows the guidelines set forth by the Arlington Diocese Office of Catholic Schools.

Specials Schedule

Monday - PE and computer

Tuesday - Spanish and Music

Wednesday - Art and Library

Thursday - Spanish and Science Lab

Friday - PE and Health

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