Testimonials - Why Choose OLGC?

What Alumni Say -

I am now attending Paul VI Catholic High School as a freshman. The transition was challenging at first because I was used to the friendly atmosphere of OLGC and how things worked there, and I didn’t want to leave that behind. However, I soon became comfortable in my new home at Paul VI because of how well OLGC prepared me for the years to follow eighth grade. - Joseph, OLGC Graduate

It is hard to choose just one thing I like most about OLGC. OLGC was my family for nine years, more than half of my life. It’s hard to believe I was still going to school here just less than a year ago; the transition and change of high school makes it feel like it has been so much longer. Although I love James Madison High School, I look back fondly on my days at OLGC and feel that it did a terrific job at preparing me for high school. - Katie, OLGC Graduate


Thank you for inviting me to speak this evening. I am currently a freshman at Gonzaga College High School. I attended OLGC from Kindergarten through 8th grade and I believe OLGC prepared me very well for high school. - Nicholas, OLGC Graduate


I still look back fondly on my time here and consider my Catholic education one of the greatest gifts my parents could ever give me. OLGC not only provided me with countless memories of time spent with prayer partners, play dates with close friends, many wins and losses at basketball and softball games, and engaging classroom discussions, it gave me an everlasting passion for school and for God. My teachers were top-notch, with a dual focus on my heart and mind, preparing me with high level critical-thinking skills, while simultaneously caring about me as a whole person. - Jill, OLGC Graduate



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What Teachers Say -

"In teaching at OLGC Middle School for the past seven years, each year I have been amazed at the academic development of the students from 6th to 8th grade. Every year alumni return and tell us how well they were prepared for high school and how successful they have been in honors and AP classes. Parents of alumni convey the same message, and these unsolicited comments are about students who found getting average grades very challenging at OLGC as well as those who consistently made our honor roll. The combination of OLGC’s Salesian spirit of trying to “live Jesus” and its rigorous academics produces very well rounded teenagers." - Mr. Philip McDonald, MS Social Studies Teacher

What Students Say -

One of the cool things about OLGC is the help. If you have anything that you want to ask you will always be helped. Even if you are having problems outside of school, the staff, teachers and even older grades will help you - 6th grade student
I have loved OLGC since I started in Kindergarten. In middle school we rotate classes and have fantastic teachers for each subject. Each student has an iPad which helps us to communicate openly with the teachers and the other students. 7 th Graders participate in the diocesan science fair, and the process is both fun and educational. The 7 th graders also put on the Passion Play during Lent each year. - 7 th grade student
I love wearing a uniform everyday so I don't have to worry about what to wear. I love learning about Jesus. Hot Lunch is a favorite of mine! - 4th grade student
I love coming to school and meeting my friends each morning. I also like being involved in my school parish with service hours an many group activities...My favorite part is all the caring teachers to help us through our journey of education, faith & life. - 7th grade student
...I love Mary and Jesus so much. I didn't know a lot about Mary and Jesus until I came here in first grade. Learning about Mary at OLGC helps me to be a better Catholic. - 2nd grade student.

What Parents Say -