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Mr. Luke Rosenberg

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3rd Gr Instructional Assistant

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Bachelors of Science in Psychology, George Mason University

Professional Background

I have worked at OLGC Extra Curricular Activities Program (ECAP) for a number of years, I was a part-time substitute teacher for one year, and was delighted to take the position of Instructional Assistant.

Favorite Teaching Moment

I once arrived for ECAP having just voted and donated blood. Each of these activities earned me a sticker. The students were very curious about my various stickers so I took the time to explain how I earned them. Just one person showing other people how to be better people.

Favorite Food


Favorite Activity Outside of School

Traveling and hiking.

Fun Fact About Me

I spent an hour inside a sensory deprivation tank, I've gone sky-diving, and I've tasted whale meat.