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Mr. Andrew Holloman

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Facilities Manager

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Professional Background

For fifteen years I was a service technician for a rental company. I wanted a change in careers and joined a facilities crew at a private school where I learned the foundations of what exactly facilities is all about. I loved being able to help in all different areas of a school- plumbing, electric, building maintenance, and everything else that involves keeping a place up-to-date. I am excited to take this knowledge into my new career.

Faith in Action

Sometimes in a job, things can get hard and it can get frustrating. It is always nice knowing that you work with a supportive team where you can ask questions and get advice to see the best way to get something done. I will have faith in knowing when something is hard, not to give up.

Favorite Teaching Moment

I feel in my twenty years of working with many different types of equipment and different areas of trade, I love it when I am able to teach someone something that I have learned throughout my career. When you see them utilizing the knowledge in their own job, it is awesome knowing you helped them get there.

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Favorite Activity Outside of School

Spending time with my family and dogs. I am an avid outdoors-man.

Fun Fact About Me

Every summer we have a vegetable garden in our backyard with about 20 different vegetables. We freeze and can them to eat throughout the year.