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Mrs. Laurie Magill

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Instructional Assist.

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Other Information

Bachelor of Arts from the University of Notre Dame

Professional Background
Most recently, I am a contributing writer (scriptural meditations) for the Word Among Us Catholic magazine. This past year I did substitute teaching for OLGC. In the more distant past, I taught elementary and high school courses for a Catholic school in Grenada (West Indies), and for Trinity School (Indiana location). I also did work in Family Life Education (developing and writing curriculum) for Grenadian Catholic schools. I also home-schooled for many years.

Faith in Action
With my writing, I spend time in prayer ahead of writing my meditations. I am so often amazed at how the Holy Spirit gives me insight for what to write about! With subbing, I prayed ahead of my assignments for God's guidance and wisdom, and for whatever would help me to be as effective as possible in the classroom.

Favorite Teaching Moment
Feeling inspired to try explaining something in a different and more creative way to a student, and seeing that it helped them grasp it better.

Favorite Food
Fruit smoothies, sugar or butter cookies, scones.

Favorite Activity Outside of School
Spending time with our five kids, reading, hiking or walking in scenic areas.

Fun Fact About Me
I spent two years in Grenada (West Indies) working as a missionary (for Catholic bishop, part of a team of people).