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Mr. Shane Sugianto

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Technology & Math Teacher
Multi Media Center

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B.S. of Computer Science from George Mason University, 2015.Master of Education from George Mason University, pending.

Professional Background

During my undergraduate studies at George Mason University, I was a private tutor, held a few technical internships, and even joined the volunteer fire department. Teaching resonated the most, so I resolved to become a computer science teacher after graduating in 2015. I spent two years as a software engineer to understand how my degree was used in the industry and to have good stories to tell my students. Finally, for the 2017-18 school year, I was hired as a computer science teacher and entered graduate school, where I am working on my Master of Education. The ebb and flow has brought me to OLGC this school year.

Faith in Action

I live to see the world progress. My current role in that would be to guide those that come after me.

Favorite Teaching Moment

In my first year of teaching, my middle schoolers created games in Scratch, programmed text-based games in Python, and studied how technology is used in the real world. This culminated with building cardboard robots controlled by programmable Arduino microcontrollers.

Favorite Food

My favorite food is sushi. I also have a weakness for good soup, especially hot and sour.

Favorite Activity Outside of School

Outside of school, I enjoy cooking, exercising, playing strategy games, and snuggling with Pepper, my dog.

Fun Fact About Me

I dabble in competitive Super Smash Bros.