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Mr. Michael Sparrow

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Music Teacher

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703.938.2828   x316

Other Information

BA in Music - The College of William & Mary

Professional Background
I worked for two summers (2016, 2017) at a camp called Fun Bot Lab, where I taught elementary school children how to build LEGO robots; this past summer I was a choir director at a camp called The MusicianShip. At both of these locations I was responsible for children ranging in age from 5-13. I have also worked as a section leader in the St. Bede's parish choir in Williamsburg (1 semester, until muscle tension dysphonia prevented me from singing), on the student set crew at the College of William & Mary (2018-19 academic year), and as an independent music instructor with Learn Now Music (summer 2019-present).

Faith in Action
I have a wealth of knowledge of scripture and Catholic social doctrine, and will use whatever resources I have available to me to encourage my students to grow closer to God and become better stewards of him on earth.

Favorite Teaching Moment
During my last week at The MusicianShip this past summer, we had a new kid at camp who was only there for the week. Over the course of that day I taught him how to play chess and how to play the piano, and we played some one-on-one basketball with a skein of yarn and an empty milk crate. It was a really cool experience to watch him just take in everything that I had to teach him, and to bond with him so quickly like that.

Favorite Food
Pasta, Tex Mex

Favorite Activity Outside of School

Fun Fact About Me
In the summer of 2018, I composed a symphony almost an hour in length inspired by the creation myth of Middle-earth.