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Ms. Jennifer Villarroel

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Preschool Teacher

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Associate of Science Degree with a major in Social Science with a specialization in Teacher Education (Northern Virginia Community College); Bachelor of Arts Integrative Studies with a concentration in Elementary education (George Mason University)

Professional Background

Hi there! My name is Jennifer Villarroel, and I went to Northern Virginia Community college to pursue an associate’s degree. I then transferred to George Mason University to pursue an education degree. Throughout my college career, I taught in a private school as an assistant teacher. That is when I discovered a love for teaching! I have also volunteered at a Fairfax county school in Springfield, to gain further knowledge from observing teachers in action.

Faith in Action

My job as an educator is to uplift all my students. I’ve learned that people see themselves how you see them, which is why I will see my students as who they can be! My role is to also teach my students about God’s love, promise, and kindness. I will strive to be an example of God’s love, kindness, and gentleness to all my students.

Favorite Teaching Moment

My favorite teaching moment was when my students and I made ice cream from scratch! They were all so excited to help me put all the ingredients together. Once we finished, we all ate ice cream for snack. It's moments like this when your students say, "thank you Ms. Jennifer! You are the best!"

Favorite Food

I love Mexican food! My favorite restaurant is Taco Bamba.

Favorite Activity Outside of School

Go to the gym, go to Zumba classes, and go on long walks!

Fun Fact About Me

I love baking! I bake all types of yummy desserts.