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Mrs. Caron Turner

Faculty Information

Kindergarten Instructional Assist.

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I have Bachelor of Arts from Virginia Tech.

Professional Background

I have 15 years in Fairfax County Public Schools. I have 5 years in kindergarten. I have 5 years in second grade and 5 years in third grade.

Faith in Action

I like being respectful of the prayers and following through the meaning in the classroom.

Favorite Teaching Moment

One time a kindergartner said, the dog ate his homework. I said, you have got to be pulling my leg? He looked at me funny and looked at my legs! He then said, Mrs. Turner, I did not pull your legs. I just laughed and laughed!.

Favorite Food

I love a steak and baked potato dinner.

Favorite Activity Outside of School


Fun Fact About Me

I love Hallmark movies!