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Mrs. Terri Francese

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Instructional Asst.

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J.D. from The George Washington University Law School, B.S.F.S. In International Politics from Georgetown University

Professional Background

I practiced law for ten years in Washington, DC. My practice focused on litigation and counseling in the areas of international trade and intellectual property. After the birth of our second child I left law practice to be home with our (ultimately three) children full- time. Shortly after our youngest entered OLGC, I began volunteer teaching ESL to adult learners. I taught weekly for five years, and began to think that I might enjoy teaching in other capacities as well.

As a mother, I have enjoyed every stage of our children’s development. However, there is something especially compelling about the preschool years, when kids’ personalities and independent interests really present themselves. Our daughter delighted in our reading to her (and she’s an English major now). Our elder son spent countless hours puzzling over Legos (and in high school he now has a clear interest in science). Our youngest loved anything involving a ball, and still does (and at eleven he’s still a work in progress!). I feel privileged to be their mom. In the OLGC pre-K, I also feel privileged to help observe and grow the interests and talents of our four and five year olds.

Faith in Action

In our classroom we begin each day with a prayer that recognizes we are children of God and that He loves us always. I say it in gratitude for the opportunity to be at OLGC, a place that has meant so much to my family since we joined the parish in 1996. I also say it as a prayer for wisdom and patience - because I’ve never before had fifteen children at once.

Favorite Teaching Moment

I have several favorite moments. Among them is when I’ve gotten an unexpected, enthusiastic hug and an “I love you!” It makes me happy that the kids feel comfortable at school and loved. It’s also fun when the kids want to re-hear stories my own kids liked (books including Pete’s A Pizza; old style rhyming Berenstain Bears books; and a children’s version of the Good Samaritan parable). Another favorite thing is when the kids are really enthusiastic about centers we have planned - playing bakeshop with bakers hats and aprons, hunting for dinosaur “bones”, and making up their own version of “the gingerbread man” story.

Favorite Food

I like Italian food followed by a really good piece of chocolate cake.

Favorite Activity Outside of School

I especially like doing anything active with my family or friends; watching our kids sporting events; gardening; reading; and following the Washington Nationals and the Duke basketball team.

Fun Fact About Me

I played pick-up women’s basketball at OLGC for twenty years. I’m still a terrible player, but it was fun.