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Mrs. Julie Rubio

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MS Math Teacher

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B.A. Mathematics with Secondary Teaching Certification, University of Virginia

Professional Background

When I finished my college education, I was hoping to pursue a math education career but instead began a retail bank management training program. I enjoyed working as a branch manager/assistant vice-president for almost 10 years. After marrying my husband of 26 years, I left banking to raise my five children and enjoyed homeschooling my younger children for several years. I re-entered the workforce when my youngest started 3rd grade at another Catholic school. I enjoyed working at various positions in that school, most recently a teaching assistant, but longed to pursue my early desire to teach math. So, I feel extremely blessed to be at OLGC, teaching math as part of the amazing middle school team.

Faith in Action

I have experienced the awesome love of Our Father throughout my life as I was raised in a large, faith-filled Catholic home. Early in my teenage years, I was blessed with experiencing the renewal of the Holy Spirit and it has remained an integral part of my faith. I love having the opportunity to pray with my students before each class, and to ask for the grace each morning to follow the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, guided by the words of St. Teresa of Calcutta, "Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you.”

Favorite Teaching Moment

I distinctly remember one classroom session in which I taught a challenging math concept and it didn't go very well. After class, I reviewed the lesson, looking at how I presented it and decided to start over the next day from a different angle. After revising and revisiting the lesson, the faces of the students changed from confusion and frustration to "Oh, I get it now!" That's a wonderful moment!

Favorite Food

Sugar cookies

Favorite Activity Outside of School

Watching sports, esp. basketball, the Redskins and any UVA sports team.

Fun Fact About Me

Meeting St. Teresa of Calcutta a few years after graduating from college, and shaking her hand.