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Mrs. Ashley Richardson

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1st Grade Teacher

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703.938.3600   x336

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Bachelors of Arts - Liberal Studies/Elementary Education from Marymount University

Professional Background

I began my teaching career teaching 1st Grade at OLGC and have taught 1st Grade for nine years. When I lived in Virginia Beach after getting married, I taught 5th and 6th Grade at a Catholic school in Hampton.

Faith in Action

I love beginning each day with prayer and taking many prayer breaks throughout the day with my students. I enjoy teaching them about their faith, and about many different saints and how cool their lives were! Any day I can encourage them to “Live, Jesus!” is a great day...which is every day!

Favorite Teaching Moment

There are so many! One moment with my own children was one I saw my 1.5 year old pick up a piece of a paper towel and throw it in the trash can all by himself...I had no idea he had learned to do that! In school it would have to be anytime I see another student helping or teaching them to do something new on their own. I love watching my students share their talents with each other and being supportive of one another.

Favorite Food


Favorite Activity Outside of School

My most favorite thing to do is walk with my two little boys to our neighborhood playground and make fun memories of learning to go down the slide and swinging on swings. We also love to go watch the planes take off and land at Gravelly Point.

Fun Fact About Me

I operated an excavator over the summer with my husband and had a blast! I’ve also been up in a hot air balloon, even though I’m afraid of heights. I’ve also always wanted to be a tornado chaser because I love severe weather.