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Mrs. Kathleen Molnar

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Math Coordinator

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BS Electrical Engineering, Marquette University; MS Electrical Engineering, George Mason University; MS Ed Social Foundations, University of Virginia

Professional Background

I began my professional career as an Electrical Engineer for the government for 12 years. During the next 12 years, I worked for a government support contractor. During the past nine years, I have taught middle school science and math.

Faith in Action

I begin each class with a prayer and share the Eucharist at school Masses as a Eucharistic Minister. Additionally, I offer students alternate times to meet with me to go over concepts they do not understand. I share my love for volleyball by helping to coach the OLGC 6th grade girls' team.

Favorite Teaching Moment

I have many favorite teaching moments, but one of them was during a science lab. Students were to fill the bottom of an aluminum-covered pie pan with Cupric Chloride, to slowly add drops of distilled water, and observe. The amazement on so many students' eyes was thrilling as they watched the Cupric Chloride burn through the aluminum. Another was during Halloween when I asked my students to create a bar graph of all the different candies they collected from trick-or-treating. They had so much fun!

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Favorite Activity Outside of School

I love to kayak with my family and sit by water glistening from the sun's rays shining on it. It's so relaxing and peaceful.

Fun Fact About Me

My favorite color is purple.