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Ms. Cynthia Boyce

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BSECED James Madison University

Professional Background

I have enjoyed teaching at OLGC for my 30 years in education, first in Kindergarten and then in 3rd grade.

Faith in Action

Volunteers and all that they do for others make the world a wonderful place. The person who gives up a Saturday to teach CCF, the high school student that coaches an elementary school basketball team, or the many parents that show up at school each day to help read, go on a field trip or lead an art activity make being part of a Catholic community a very special place.

My faith has grown through the years seeing the good that we do for people. I began to learn to give of myself as a child seeing my parents help the neighbors or volunteer to help take things to Christ House. I remember being “volunteered” to take vegetables to the neighbors or collect for the American Heart Association, which helped me take the step to help my neighbor clean her house or help the Sisters at St. Ann’s if they needed something. Through my educational experience, at St. Ann, O’Connell, and JMU, I often joined groups like Girls Scouts, Keyettes, and Bread for the World, that were of service to others. Teaching at OLGC gives me the opportunity to help others learn to show Christ to others by their actions. The students have jobs each week to help with the class organization. They participate in school wide acts of charity lead by the Student Government.

I help teach my students and they teach me each day as one jumps up to help a classmate who has dumped his pencils all over the floor, or another gets someone’s backpack for her as she is out of the room. Little moments each, the students put their faith into action giving of themselves to others. Witnessing these kindnesses has a song floating in my head and in my heart “Make all your life something beautiful for God. Make every moment a prayer. Every movement of your hand joyful praise to His name….”

Favorite Teaching Moment

My most recent favorite teaching moment was when the students created Lego structures to represent the Mysteries of the Rosary. The students created wonderful representations for each, working well together. We took pictures and made a PowerPoint to share. Their excitement over the activity is what makes teaching fun and rewarding.

Favorite Food

Grandma's and now my mom's butterscotch cream pie

Favorite Activity Outside of School

Spending time with family, friends and Figa, my dog, and if we play cards I am happiest.

Fun Fact About Me

I took a class to learn about geography which was a train trip across the United States.