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Mrs. Anne Francese

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2nd Grade Teacher

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Bachelor of Science Degree, Major in Economics

Professional Background

My professional career is a combination of work in education and business. After a short time as a financial analyst after college, I returned to school and obtained a license as a Teacher of Common Branches (K-8). I taught in New York and surrounding suburban schools for several years while raising my family. As my children became more independent, I pursued a career in the public sector. I worked for several New York State agencies as a Director of Human Resources and Administration for about 25 years. I found this work to be very challenging and enlightening. After moving to Virginia , I returned to teaching once again. I have been at Our Lady of Good Counsel for 11 years and have found my work here to be very rewarding and fulfilling.

Until my relocation to Vienna I was a resident of the New York, New Jersey metropolitan area. I attended public school in New York and taught in public schools. One tradition that I truly enjoy now that I did not have in the public school setting is the time shared by students, staff, parents, and the administration each morning to say a prayer and pledge to our flag. For me this sets the tone for the blessings we enjoy in our country. I am grateful for the chance to try to make a difference in the lives of our young children and to be part of the teaching staff at our school.

Faith in Action

Becoming a member of the OLGC School staff and being a member of the OLGC Parish community was not initially in the plan I had for my life. As frequently happens, however, it was in God’s Plan for my life. In 2006 I found myself suddenly alone when my husband died and faced with the “what next” decision of how to move forward and live a happy productive life. Encouraged by my family, I relocated to Vienna to be closer to my grandchildren. I hoped to be able to find volunteer work that would be meaningful and, of course, I knew I would enjoy watching my grandchildren grow.

Fortunately, prior to the school year, I was interviewed by Mr. Poole for an Instructional Assistant position that was available in second grade. I had taught in the elementary school grades in New York when my own children were young, so this seemed to be a good fit for me at this time. I was offered the position and was blessed with the opportunity to work with two very special teachers, Elizabeth White and Robin Williams. They were very welcoming and offered me comfort, peace, and respect for my life change. They gave me the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the students and others that I would meet in this new endeavor. We were very different people at different points in our lives, but we became a good team, and our time working together was filled with warmth and love.

Unfortunately, as the year went on Robin’s dad became ill and lost his life. Elizabeth became ill at the end of that year and our relationship changed. They needed help and I was grateful to be there for them in the difficult time in their lives. Robin would probably call this a “God Incidence.”

After 11 years at OLGC, I still feel blessed to be working with the supportive staff at our school and meeting the caring families that are part of our school community. I enjoy getting to meet new families and find great pleasure in teaching younger siblings of students I have previously taught. Second grade is special to me because it is the year that my students receive two sacraments, First Reconciliation and First Eucharist. Helping them prepare is a responsibility that I feel privileged to have. Their innocence in taking these steps is beautiful to share.

Favorite Teaching Moment

There was a moment recently that made me realize how the things we do as part of our everyday work are so important to the children we teach. While in third grade, a student I had the previous year listed me as her “Hero” on her Student of the Week poster because I helped her in math in second grade. It left me with a warm feeling about the impact we have on the lives of the children in our care.

Favorite Food

My favorite foods are Italian food and seafood.

Favorite Activity Outside of School

Watching my grandchildren grow and experience new things and gardening and watching the flowers grow.

Fun Fact About Me

I swam with stingrays in the Cayman Islands.