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Mrs. Marcia Burski

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Preschool Instructional Assistant

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Centro Universitario Carioca (UNICARIOCA), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Computer Science

Coppe UFRJ – ASIT Advanced School of Internet Technology, Rio de Janeiro Certified in Internet Technology and TCP-IP

Professional Background

I studied Computer Science in college and was an IT professional in Brazil. When I moved to the U.S., I switched careers and became a teacher in a pre-school because I have always been passionate about early childhood development and education. I have about eight years’ experience teaching at various pre-schools. In addition, I was a stay at home parent for about 7 years.

Favorite Teaching Moment

The moments when you don't even know what you do are making a lifelong difference! I have a few students who have found me years later to tell me how a little thing I said or did made a lasting impact on them and helped shape their future. We all have the chance to do this daily!

Favorite Food


Favorite Activity Outside of School

Going for bike rides with my daughter and husband

Fun Fact About Me

I grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.