A K-8 Blue Ribbon School in Vienna, VA

Be who you are and be that well

Welcome to Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic School which has a long standing reputation for academic excellence and a caring environment which facilitates learning and spiritual, social, emotional and physical growth.

Faculty/Staff Directory

Rose Marie Blatnik

Titles: 4th Grade Teacher

Cynthia Boyce

Titles: 3rd Grade Teacher, Admin Team - K-5 Coordinator

Claire Braeuer

Titles: Kindergarten Teacher

Mary Briody

Titles: Instructional Technologist, Admin Team - Curriculum Coordinator

Walter Bustamante

Titles: Spanish 5th - 8th Grades

Beverly Colson

Titles: Administrative Assistant

Diane Crawford

Titles: 4th Grade Teacher

Samantha Forbes

Titles: Science Lab Teacher K-5

Anne Francese

Titles: 2nd Grade Teacher

Dawn Gartner

Titles: Instructional Assistant

Stephanie Gonzales

Titles: MS Literature Teacher

Valerie Harnisch

Titles: Co-Director Preschool

Carolyn Holden

Titles: Librarian

Cynthia Iannone

Titles: MS English Teacher

Adrianne Jewett

Titles: Principal

James Jones

Titles: PE Teacher

Megan Jones

Titles: 5th Grade Teacher

Jose Jovel

Titles: Custodian

Wendy Kehoe

Titles: 5th Grade Teacher

Hwan-Ah Lee

Titles: Music Teacher

Yvette Luketic

Titles: MS Science Teacher

Phillip McDonald

Titles: MS Social Studies Teacher

Amanda Miller

Titles: Art Teacher

Kathleen Molnar

Titles: Math Coordinator

Stephanie Osterhage

Titles: School Counselor

Gemma Pearson

Titles: 3rd Grade Teacher

Kayla Petrella

Titles: Kindergarten Teacher

Barbara Protacio

Titles: 1st Grade Teacher

Karen Pubal

Titles: Secretary

Heather Richards

Titles: Reading Coordinator

Kathleen Ross

Titles: MS Math Teacher

Carrie Sudduth

Titles: Phys. Ed. Teacher/ECAP Director

Valerie Taylor

Titles: MS Math Teacher

Denise Unciano

Titles: School Nurse

Pamela Valleskey

Titles: 2nd Grade Teacher

Maria Vivanco

Titles: 1st Grade Teacher

Robin Williams

Titles: MS Religion Teacher, Admin Team - Middle School Coordinator

Carola Williamson

Titles: Spanish Teacher K-3

Laura Wood

Titles: Co-Director Preschool

Anthony Zambito

Titles: Technology Teacher