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School Calendars

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Sun, Sep 30
CYO Track Meet
Bishop O'Connell High School

study for test on verbs which is on Tuesday, Oct. 2. Study guide was distributed and explained on Sept. 27.


study for quiz on the verb "ser" which is on Tuesday, Oct. 2. Details were given on Thursday, Sept. 27.

study for verbs test which is on Thursday, Oct. 4. Study guide was distributed and explained on Sept. 27

Mon, Oct 1
LIT 6 - Archimedes and the Door of Science Unit Test

Topics covered:

  • the book
  • the Archimedes PowerPoint (including map of locations pertinent to Archimedes)
  • Socratic Seminar PowerPoint
  • quoting from a text
Mrs. Blatnik Reminders

Sign all papers; Gym on Tuesday

Mrs. Blatnik's HOMEWORK

Spelling- finish page 38-43; pictures for Unit 5; Test

SS- Test on Lessons 1-3; correct Lesson 3 with restated answer

Math- study notes on properties

Mrs. Danielli's homework

Science: Page 282
Math: Page 16 workbook
Spelling: Words 5x each
Reading: Reading and Writer's book, page 57

Span 6

please check your grades online. as of Oct. 1 before today's class there is only one grade.

Be sure you do not have a zero.

there will be more grades this week. keep checking them.

Span 7

Be sure to check your grades.

You should have 3 grades as of Oct. 1 before noon.

If you see a zero, see Sra. Quinn ASAP.

Span 8

Be sure to check your grades. There should be 4 grades as of Oct. 1.

If you see a zero, see Sra. Quinn ASAP.

Used Uniform Sale
Enter through Gym Lobby
Tue, Oct 9
Mrs. Blatnik's HOMEWORK

Social Studies- Lesson 4 Voc.; finish worksheet

Math- workbook page 18 odds- do work on theme paper

Religion- study Chapter 2 for test

Mrs. Danielli's homework

Math: Workbook Page 19
English: Workbook page 38
Religion: Unit 1 Test Tomorrow

Wed, Oct 10
Mrs. Blatnik's HOMEWORK

Spelling- finish Unit 6 pages; study list

SS- study Lesson 4 vocabulary

Math- workbook page 19- write answers; study facts

MindMovers for October- work on activities

Mrs. Danielli's homework

Science: Finish Lab report including conclusion questions.
Spelling: Page 44-45
Math: Page 20

PTO Dining for Dollars at Social Burger
350 Maple Ave W, Vienna, VA 22180
Span 6

due Monday, October 15

on loose leaf paper

write 5 Spanish phrases with the English

use vocabulary from textbook dicitionary

include an article a noun and an adjective

at least 2 must be plural

example-the blue cars los coches azules

School Mass led by Rm 9
Auction Committee
School Library
Confirmation Rehearsal

Those celebrating at 10am

Thu, Oct 11
Mrs. Blatnik's HOMEWORK

English(Language)-workbook 11 and 12.....Use a ruler!

Math- Text page 80 #,5,6,9-13 Add/Sub.....Estimate

Mrs. Danielli's homework

Math: 14-30 evens on theme paper and show work
Spelling: 1 sentence per word

Confirmation Rehearsal

Those celebrating at 2pm

Mon, Oct 15
Mrs. Blatnik's HOMEWORK

Social Studies- Lesson 4 Review page 32; restate all questions

Math- workbook page 21-circled problems on graph

Mrs. Danielli's Math - Place Value Quiz

Review Workbook pages 2-4

Span 6

due on Wednesday, Oct. 17

sheet number 45 numbers 1-12.

keep in binder in Grammar section

Tue, Oct 16
Wed, Oct 17
Mrs. Blatnik's HOMEWORK

Reading - Study vocabulary; write a 10+ sentence for each word

Math- finish worksheet; test on Chapter 2 on Tuesday

Mrs. Danielli's homework

Reading Test Re-take
Science: Study for Test, you can use a Kahoot!,


Span 6

finish sheet 46 for Monday, Oct. 22

Span 8
complete sheet 61 for Thursday, Oct. 18
Muffins for Moms Mass & Reception
Church & DeSales Hall
CYO Assessments 7B
School Gym
CYO Assessments 7G
School Gym
Thu, Oct 18
Mrs. Blatnik's HOMEWORK

Spelling- pages 54-56

SS-study pages 27-38; Test on Wednesday

Math- workbook page 23 #1 and #2; facts- question- graphic-answer in sentence; Test on Tuesday

MindMovers due October 31; keep working on them

Mrs. Danielli's Homework

Science: Test today, no homework
Math: problems 4-6 on theme paper
Spelling: Unit 7, the first two pages

Span 7

due Monday, Oct. 22 pages 12 and 13

on loose leaf copy the Spanish and translate it into English. We did the first one in class.

Span 8

quiz Tuesday, Oct. 23

tener expressions

study the conjugation of tener

and how to say how old someone is and that someone is hungry or thirsty or hot or cold

You will be translating from English to Spanish

Spelling and the accent and tilde count

CYO Assessments 7G
School Gym
CYO Assessments 7B
School Gym
Mon, Oct 22
in hard copy to Mrs. Wms. & Mr. McD.
Mrs. Blatnik's HOMEWORK

English- test on Sentences; correct worksheet and sign

Social Studies- Lesson 5 Review page 40 only Room 8; test on Wednesday Lessons 4 and 5

Math- text page 90 #9-23; add/subtract/ check; review Chapter 2

Sign papers; GYM

Mrs. Danielli's Homework

Reading: Read from the story Page 89-95
Math: Hardback book page 90 problem 1-8
Science: Correct and sign Unit 5 test by Thursday
Spanish: Vocab test Tuesday
Spelling: Halloween colors for each word,

Span 7

on same paper as homework from today (pages 12-13) do activity 11 page 14. Due Tuesday, Oct. 23

Halloween Float Party/Build Day
OLGC Parking Lot
Sat, Oct 27
CYO Coaches Clinic
St. Mark Gym
Fall Volleyball Clinic
School Gym

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