Piggy Bank Fund

Ever wish there was a simpler way to support the teachers and staff at OLGC?

The “Piggy Bank Fund” allows families to submit a one-time contribution of their choosing to the PTO. The funds collected will be used to provide a special “thank you for your hard work” to faculty and staff at Christmas. Did you know that if each family were to contribute at least $100, we would be well on the way to meeting our fundraising goals? Please give what you can and keep in mind that the amount you choose to donate to the Piggy Bank Fund is 100% tax deductible. Installment options are available this year. 

Given the success and the popularity of the program last year, the PTO was able to show our appreciation in excess of what was possible in years past. We hope to continue that this year because we know that all the teachers and staff at OLGC are second to none and give of themselves every day to nurture, develop and protect our children. Our ability to say thank you in such a way is truly worthy and admirable.

In summary, The Piggy Bank Fund is a terrific opportunity to provide families a simple, one-time tax-deductible means of supporting our PTO program and showing our appreciation to faculty and staff.

Please make your contribution soon!

School PTO - Piggy Bank Fund

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PTO PIggy Bank Fund

Thank you for your generous support.

Additional questions contact:
Melody Caprio , PTO President


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