Cinco de Mayo Lunch

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a taco (or more!) from Vienna's new hotspot - Taco Bamba! Order your lunch by April 24th (No late orders accepted). $6 for one taco, $1 for each additional taco. 

Options include: Carne Asada (grilled beef) taco, Barbacoa (shredded beef) taco, Chicken taco, or Al pastor (pork) taco.

Sides available on day of lunch: Rice and Beans. (no need to elect now)

Toppings available on day of lunch are as follows. (no need to elect now) -grilled pineapple -guacamole -Pico de gallo -queso (cheese) -onion -cilantro -salsa.

Taco Bamba catering (Allergen alert: While no shellfish is being served, individuals with a shellfish allergy need to realize there is a potential for cross contamination and OLGC and Taco Bamba will not be held liable.)

All proceeds benefit the 6th Grade Auction Project. Thank you for your support!