Thanksgiving Donations

Byline: From: Mrs. Jewett, Principal

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The OLGC School Thanksgiving dinner drive kicked off strong on Wednesday!! Our goal is to also include a $25 Walmart gift card in each box. Divine Dollars will be selling the gift cards this Thursday and Friday at OLGC School during conferences. We are thrilled to report that we are almost half way to our goal!! Don't forget to sign up to sponsor a family!! Let's make this our best year yet!!

Dear OLGC Parents,

For the past two Thanksgivings, our OLGC community has provided one hundred Thanksgiving meals for families in need at Clearview Elementary. Almost 50% of Clearview Elementary’s population struggles to meet their basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing. The seasonal nature of work that many of these families do makes the winter months extremely challenging. OLGC’s donations at Thanksgiving provide much needed support and helps these families to restore faith in their neighbors - with a delicious dinner to boot!

After much discussion and review of the program, this year there will be three avenues for the OLGC students and families to support the families at Clearview:

  1. Sponsor a Family - OLGC will distribute a box for you and your family to decorate and then fill with an entire Thanksgivingmeal. This is a wonderful opportunity to, not only share a meal, but also share your family’s Thanksgiving traditions with another family.
  2. Sponsor a Family with Another OLGC Family - Please put both names on the sign-up genius. This is a great way to divide and conquer!
  3. Donation - Families may also chose to support the Thanksgiving Dinner drive through a financial donation. We understand that it is a very busy time of year and shopping may not fit into your schedule. Your donation will be used to create a box or purchase a gift card.

Please contact Bridgette Jreige to purchase Walmart gift cards through Divine Dollars. She has ordered extra $25 gift cards that she can pass along at carpool or they will be available for purchase at parent teacher conferences. Additionally, if you choose to sponsor a family or share a family, we encourage you to consider purchasing additional pantry fillers, such as flour, sugar, rice and dried beans to help them through more than just one night.

To sign up to donate a Thanksgiving dinner, go to:

Questions? Please reach out to Meg Gillespie

We are very excited about the new model for the Thanksgiving Dinner Drive and all the new ways our OLGC school community can work together to assist these families.


We are also very excited to announce the return of the Turkey Shoot! The Turkey Shoot is a free throw basketball tournament between students and their prayer partners. Students will participate in the tournament during Discover Catholic Schools Week, November 12-18 with the championships held on November 21. Who is going to be crowned Top Turkey?!? Proceeds from the Turkey Shoot will be used to support the Thanksgiving Dinner Drive. More information on the Turkey Shoot to follow.