First Annual STREAM Night - A Success!


OLGC hosted their first Family STREAM Night with rousing success. An estimated 175 people were in attendance. Last year OLGC had the winter art fair and a Family Energy Night, but this year we combined this into a wonderful showcase of items on display and hands on activities. STREAM stands for Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. The Science components included: 1st grade wind turbines, 2nd grade life cycle posters, 3rd grade water cycle demonstrations, 4th grade Health and Wellness, "How to stay healthy this Winter," pamphlets, 5th grade cell models, 7th grade animal adaptation posters, 7th grade science fair displays, 8th grade physical science written books, 8th grade element shapes. Science club students demonstrated lava art, a polymer that looks like snow, ooblek. Students were able to create their own lava lamp bottle, thermal detecting slime, foam slime, catapult and test against a target. Science club students also created science games such as Bowling for Science questions, create a tower in 1 minute with limited materials, cup stacking, bottle flipping, and a balloon pop game. The Technology components included computer club students demonstrating the process of creating a design using the Morphi app and printing on a 3-D printer. Students designed, developed and conducted a Green Initiative survey using their knowledge of the Google Forms app and input from the OLGC Green Initiative Committee. There also were students demonstrating the coding for Lego Milo. The Religion aspect of the night included quotes science club students posted around the school relating to our good God and all creation. Some of the favorites were, "science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind," Albert Einstein. "The wonder of God's creation reminds us of the need to protect the environment and to exercise responsible stewardship of the goods of the earth," Pope Benedict XVI. The Engineering portion of the evening included the Lego Milo, and the designing your own catapult station. The Art components included the 8th grade sculptures and every student in the school chose one piece to be displayed in hallway art exhibition. The 2nd grade students created book covers for the Mouse and the Motorcycle which were on display in the library. The Math component included the 8th grade algebra students graphing of parabolas. Thank you for a great evening and we look forward to see you next year!