Aviat Awards in Memory of Elizabeth White

Elizabeth White is remembered for her vivacious laugh and infectious smile. Even more, she is honored by those who follow in the example she set through her daily actions. Described as the embodiment of faith, hope, and perseverance, Elizabeth followed in the example of St. Leonie Aviat in her dedication to education and spirit of service. She truly took to heart the Salesian call to “be who you are and be that perfectly well.” An OLGC Graduate, she came back home to serve as a member of our dedicated faculty. She brought to that role love for her community, her colleagues, her students, and most importantly her faith. Unfortunately, Elizabeth lost her battle with cancer several years ago, leaving behind an amazing legacy.

The Aviat Award was established to recognize our faculty who, like Elizabeth, exhibit a commitment to service and Catholic education. Elizabeth understood that the choice to teach in a Catholic school was one that required certain sacrifices, especially for those who are just starting out. It was her dream to find a way to help those like her to offset the many expenses associated with living and serving in our great community.

The winners of our first Aviat Awards in memory of Elizabeth White were announced this week. This year, we are pleased to recognize Mrs. Etter, Mrs. Kehoe, and Mrs. Williams, for the example they set for all of us at OLGC. Thank you to ALL of our teachers for your hard work and commitment each day to serve the OLGC community and our students!