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  • A Dinner of Hope - 2016 PTO Essay Winner

    Abby S., OLGC Class of 2016

    If I had the opportunity to take Pope Francis out to dinner, there is no doubt where we would go. It is a special place, casually known as KHS. They do not take reservations, yet there are often long lines waiting for the chance to be there. KHS, you see, is not the monogram of a famous chef or celebrity. KHS stands for the Katherine Hanley Shelter.

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  • Joseph, Class of 2014


    OLGC Class of 2014

    I graduated from OLGC in June in 2014, and I am now attending Paul VI Catholic High School as a freshman. The transition was challenging at first because I was used to the friendly atmosphere of OLGC and how things worked there, and I didn’t want to leave that behind. However, I soon became comfortable in my new home at Paul VI because of how well OLGC prepared me for the years to follow eighth grade.

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  • Katie, OLGC Class of 2013


    OLGC Class of 2013

    It is hard to choose just one thing I like most about OLGC. OLGC was my family for nine years, more than half of my life. It’s hard to believe I was still going to school here just less than a year ago; the transition and change of high school makes it feel like it has been so much longer. Although I love James Madison High School, I look back fondly on my days at OLGC and feel that it did a terrific job at preparing me for high school.

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  • Nick, Class of 2013


    OLGC Class of 2013

    Speaker at the 2014 Middle School Parent Informational Night - I thank Mr. Poole for having confidence in me and for inviting me to speak this evening. I am currently a freshman at Gonzaga College High School. I attended OLGC from Kindergarten through 8th grade and I believe OLGC prepared me very well for high school.

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  • Jill

    OLGC Class of 2006

    I still look back fondly on my time here and consider my Catholic education one of the greatest gifts my parents could ever give me. OLGC not only provided me with countless memories of time spent with prayer partners, play dates with close friends, many wins and losses at basketball and softball games, and engaging classroom discussions, it gave me an everlasting passion for school and for God. My teachers were top-notch, with a dual focus on my heart and mind, preparing me with high level critical-thinking skills, while simultaneously caring about me as a whole person.

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