Life After OLGC...

OLGC's Great Grads, Prepared for Life

  • Alumna Commits to University of Mass for Ice Hockey

    Grace Fisher, OLGC Class of 2012

    Congratulations to Grace Fisher for taking her passion of Ice Hockey to the college level at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

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  • Mary Desmarais

    Faith Drives Mother-Daughter Special Ed Duo

    Mary Desmarais, OLGC Class of 2002

    Chris and Mary Desmarais (Class of 2002) are dedicated to helping students with intellectual disabilities thrive. They interrupt one another and finish each other’s sentences. They laugh easily and cry every now and then. Chris and Mary Desmarais have the unmistakable dynamic of a strong mother-daughter relationship — one built on a common passion for special education and, most importantly, their Catholic faith.

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  • America‚Äôs Farmers Farm Mom of the Year

    Megan Ibach Seibel, OLGC Class of 1988

    Congratulations to Megan Seibel who was recognized as the America’s Farmers Farm Mom of the Year for the southeast region in 2015.

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  • A Journey Not Yet Finished - 2015 PTO Essay Winner

    Chloe M., OLGC Class of 2015

    As a curious young child, I was always very mindful and aware of my surroundings. I would study the color of the trees in the fall, observe the unique snowflakes that fell onto the window in the winter, and listen to the singing birds in the spring. Now that I am older, it is much more difficult to spend the time to notice all of these little things that surround me; it feels as if I’m only skimming a book instead of taking in every detail.

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  • OLGC Alumni & Nativity Prep students

    OLGC Class of 2013 & 2014 raise funds for Nativity Prep

    by being a Brunch Buddy of Fr. Brian's

    Great things happen when students & families care. Fr. Brian Zumbrum (aka Deacon Brian) spent a short 6 months at OLGC, but his impact on OLGC students was much greater. The Class of 2013 & 2014 missed him and wanted to help his new school Nativity Prep.

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  • Author of "The War Planners"

    Andrew Watts, OLGC Class of 1994

    Check out this book by OLGC Alumnus, Andrew Watts, Class of 1994. Andy graduated from the Naval Academy in 2003 and used his experiences in the Navy to help shape this fascinating story. Way to go Andy! Also the son of our beloved former teacher Mrs. Peggy Watts.

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  • Sacrament of Reconcilation

    Jill Briody, OLGC Class of 2006

    "One moment that really stands out happened recently when we had an all school Advent Penance service. A lot of my students were scared and skeptical. One student blurted out, “Ms. Briody, we can’t share ALL our sins with Father Mike!! That’s SO embarrassing!”

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  • Alumna Helps O'Connell Create Girls Ice Hockey Team

    Grace Fisher, OLGC Class of 2012

    Growing up, Grace Fisher loved skating on ice, but she didn’t want to glide across it as a figure skater. She wanted to play the fast-paced and physical game of ice hockey like her dad and older brother. So as an 8-year-old, she began her career in the sport, eventually earning a spot on the competitive Washington Pride, a junior-league women’s ice hockey team and the area’s premier all-girls hockey club.

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