Extra-Curricular Activity Program (ECAP)

ECAP 2017-18 Information

Extra-Curricular Activity Program (ECAP) is offered to our students from 3-5pm or 3-6pm, Monday through Friday. The program will begin on Monday, August 28, 2017 for grades 1-8 and on Monday, September 11, 2017 for Kindergarten.

Typically, arrival and attendance will take place daily from 3-3:20pm. Study time is provided to work on homework prior to the start of a small group activity either outdoors or in the gym from 3:20 until 5:00pm. The age and number of students remaining after 5pm will dictate the activities which take place between 5 and 6pm.

In order for our program to be adequately staffed each day, you will need to commit to a specific schedule by semester. We will offer 5 days per week from 3-5pm, 5 days per week from 3-6pm, 3 days per week from 3-5pm and 3 days per week from 3-6pm. We cannot accommodate drop-ins. Should an emergency occur, please contact the director of the program to see if we may be able to accept your child for that particular occurrence.

Deadline to Reserve a Space is Friday, August 18th!

School ECAP Reservation Form 2017-18

This form is not currently published.

2017-18 ECAP Payments

Payments can be made in full for semester OR in 5 equal monthly payments.
Click here to make online payment.  

Full Time Per Child:

3:00-6:00pm $1390 
5 days per week per semester ($278/month)

3:00-6:00pm $835 
3 days per week per semester (must specify days) ($167/month)

Part-Time Per Child:

3:00-5:00pm $1110 

5 days per week per semester ($222/month)

3:00-5:00pm $670
3 days per week per semester (must specify days) ($134/month)

All payments owed for
2016-17 must be paid prior
to registering for 2017-18.

$25 Non-refundable 
Registration Fee per family

ECAP is closed on days when there is no school and is closed on the following half days.

ECAP Schedule 2017-18:

09/01/17 Dismissal at 11:30am-No ECAP
09/22/17 Dismissal at 11:30am-No ECAP
10/06/17 Dismissal at 11:30am-No ECAP
11/09/17 Child Care only during Conferences
12/01/17 Dismissal at 11:30am-No ECAP
01/12/18 Dismissal at 11:30am-No ECAP
02/16/18 Dismissal at 11:30am-No ECAP
03/09/18 Dismissal at 11:30am-No ECAP
05/04/18 Dismissal at 11:30am-No ECAP
05/11/18 Dismissal at 11:30am-No ECAP
05/25/18 Dismissal at 11:30am-No ECAP
Last Day of School Dismissal at 11:30am-No ECAP