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1st Grade


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Curriculum Highlights:

In First Grade the students become secure in fluent, expressive reading using various literary genres. The students decode, recognize and spell vocabulary, and build comprehension. Verbal and written communication are integrated in the curriculum within and across subjects. In mathematics, as described in our textbook "Progress in Mathematics," they develop higher-order thinking through learning in-depth mathematical concepts such as the inter-relatedness of operations. They build skills such as algorithms and data analysis. Students also become fluent in math vocabulary, and reflect on math processes and patterns.

A special activity this year was learning how to code. We integrate computer science in the classroom with Code.org's Hour of Code and its 20-hour courses for beginners. Through coding, our 1st graders meaningfully collaborate with each other, developing problem-solving skills and persistence through difficult tasks, practice logical thinking, and follow written directions. The courses teach sequences, loops and events, conditionals, algorithms, binary code, debugging, internet safety, and the societal impact of computing!

In religion, we learn that God made us to know, love, and serve Him and be with Him forever in Heaven. We study the Creed, Salvation history, the Saints, Christian prayer, Liturgy and Sacraments, and the liturgical seasons. A highlight is selecting, dressing up as, and making a presentation on a beloved Saint. 1st Grade also leads the school in a Mass once a year.

Social Studies incorporates Catholic Social Teaching into care for each other and our planet. We cover geography, recognizing patriotic symbols and practices, and learning about neighborhood and community. Since our nation's capital is our neighbor we take field trips to the surrounding area and explore. For example, last year we went to the U.S. Postal Museum and the National Museum of Natural History.

At the end of the year, we celebrate our mothers with a song-filled breakfast and a special show. We reflect on how we grew over our year together and share our excitement about being ready for 2nd Grade. What a fun and engaging year!

Classroom News

Room 1 News

Room 1 News:

December 11, 2017

Dear families,

Happy second week of Advent. I hope the children delighted in our first snowfall of the season!❄⛄

Please join us for Mass this Wednesday and see us lead the liturgy. Each of the children has a role on this Feast Day of St. Lucy. The next day we start practicing for the school’s Christmas Pageant!πŸŽ„

We start a new chapter on data and graphs. They will make and interpret charts and graphs, add and subtract to interpret data, find the range, mode, and median, and solve problems using charts and graphs.πŸ“Š

Reading/Language Arts:
Through reading about bee communities🐝this week we'll learn about long e words, identify nouns in sentences, and compare and contrast what we read. Our next spelling words are:



- If your child is participating in a new after-school activity please let me know the details so I can help him/her remember to attend.

God bless!

December 4, 2017

Dear parents,

Happy first week of Advent. In class we are challenging ourselves to be our "Christmas Best" for baby Jesus at all times. The children stand a little straighter and listen a little better when we say that, so we're going to keep that up!οŽ…οŽ„

Please join us next Wednesday Dec.13th and share the pride your child has in serving during Mass. We are rehearsing and sharpening our speaking and singing skills to be ready!.οŽ™οŽΆ If your child has a reading part, please practice it with him/her at home even if they know the words. This will develop procedural memory so they can rely on it even during the unfamiliarity of reading to a full church.

We will practice choosing the strategies and operations we learned in our subtraction unit and then complete a round of assessments. We spiral back over previously learned material with a cumulative assessment that includes ordinals (1st, second, third, etc.) and comparing numbers using > < and =. It would be helpful to practice these skills in everyday situations with your child as a refresher.

Reading/Language Arts
Our long vowel focus turns to long u this week. We also look at writing descriptively, at singular and plural nouns, and at -ed past tense endings. In reading, we develop understanding that the author's purpose can be to inform or just to entertain.


  • We are partnering with Catholic Charities this week. Please send in any donations to class by Friday morning. Thank you for your generosity!
  • Weds: Out-of-Uniform day in celebration of doubling our Instagram followers.
  • Please refer to our new website for Room 1 Parent News in the future! It will be posted there rather than emailed to you, and can be accessed any time you need it. http://www.olgcschool.org/academics/elementary-school-k-5/1stgrade
  • Friday 12/8: Scholastic Book orders due
  • Mass is at 9:30 Friday this week instead of Wednesday

God bless you as we begin the holiday season,

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