Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Center, located in room 19, is up and running. Our goal is to reach as many students as possible with support from our Reading Specialist, our Resource teachers and other available staff members both in and out of the classroom. When a student needs some extra practice or support with a concept, a teacher will be there to help them.



Through the Center we have re-established a Peer Tutoring Program where older students can be available to help younger students who need some extra support or assistance in learning and practicing with newly acquired material. We are also providing a staff member to teachers in the classroom when they need an extra set of hands and want to work with centers or smaller groups to maximize instruction. We are excited about all of the possibilities that this new program offers.

Academic Support Center Staff includes:

Mrs. Adrianne Jewett, Assistant Principal

Mrs. Michele McNiff, Reading Specialist


Mrs. Rebecca Borkoski Etter, Resource Teacher

Ms. Kathleen Cutonilli, Resource Teacher

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