School Traditions


What makes OLGC unique are the wonderful traditions that are shared and that are looked forward to each year. 

OLGC School participates in Field Trips, International Day, Field Day, Health & Wellness Day, Muffins for Moms, Donuts for Dads, and Catholic Schools Week.

Halloween Parade
Prayer Partners – older students are paired up with younger students to help as mentors and to foster a sense of community in the school. The partners attend weekly Mass together, as well as work on community service activities together.


Kindergarteners participate in the Halloween Parade, are hosts of the Thanksgiving Prayer Service, celebrate 100th Day of School, have an Easter Egg Hunt, and finish off the year with the Kindergarten Completion Ceremony.

State Fair Day
State Fair Day
Grades 1-5
participate in the Halloween Parade, as well as grade level activities such as 1st grade Mother’s Day Tea, 2nd grade First Communion Mass, 3rd grade All Saints Mass and State Fair Day, 3rd and 4th graders Live Stations of the Cross, 4th grade Colonial Day, and 5th grade Biography Day and Epiphany Pageant.


The Middle School Students change classes for each subject and are able to review their grades online. Middle School activities include 6th grade Medieval Day, 7th grade Passion Play and Science Fair, and 8th grade end of the year theater performance.


Spirit Store
The 8th Grade Students are given leaderships roles in the school such as, Student Council Officers, Attendance and Messengers, Safety Patrols, Walker Assistants, and Flag Raisers.