Faith In Action

Here are some great stories of our wonderful Teachers, Students & Alumni!

Faith In Action

  • Pack for Purpose Group

    Terrific Pack for a Purpose Experience in Thailand

    Pack for Purpose Group

    It was a day that our family will not forget and, we hope, one that made a difference in the lives of these children. Thank you to Pack for a Purpose and to Ten for their roles in making this happen.

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  • School Donations for 2015-16

    This school year OLGC students and families donated $2,939 to four worthy causes and the school collected 1,111 items for an additional seven organizations. Thanks to everyone who helped out this year!

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  • Great Things Happening in ECAP

    How the Gospel can be shared by students to students. Everything is better with friends and a community!

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  • OLGC Alumni & Nativity Prep students

    OLGC Class of 2013 & 2014 raise funds for Nativity Prep

    by being a Brunch Buddy of Fr. Brian's

    Great things happen when students & families care. Fr. Brian Zumbrum (aka Deacon Brian) spent a short 6 months at OLGC, but his impact on OLGC students was much greater. The Class of 2013 & 2014 missed him and wanted to help his new school Nativity Prep.

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  • Be Good to People

    Cindy Iannone, OLGC Middle School English Teacher

    Not a day goes by teaching at Our Lady of Good Counsel’s middle school that I don’t learn something from my students. Sometimes I marvel at how faith-filled they are which doesn’t really surprise me considering who their religion teacher is; Robin Williams teaches with so much love in her heart for our kids, spreading God’s love to them through her words and by example.

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  • Behind the Scenes

    Robin Williams, OLGC Middle School Religion Teacher

    The last time I wrote an article for FAITH IN ACTION I did so from the perspective of how I try to put my faith into action. This time I would like to write about how I am so very blessed to see our Catholic faith put into action throughout our school and parish.

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  • Catholic Education is our Primary Responsibility

    Anne Saied, OLGC 4th Grade Teacher

    One day, seemingly out of the blue, I got a phone call from this very sweet lady who told me that Austin Poole would like to see me regarding a teaching position at OLGC. As I had not applied specifically to OLGC, I was sure she had the wrong person. Believing very firmly that one always should at least peek through open doors, I agreed to come in and interview.

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  • Teachers Aren’t the Only Ones Who Teach

    Heather Richards, OLGC 3rd Grade Teacher

    One of the first things I tell the parents of my students at Back to School night is that the connection and bond between teacher and student in my classroom, starts the day their names appear on my class roster. As we learn the daily routines, we also discover each other’s personalities, habits, and expectations as we develop into a unique class. I care for each and every one of them, and my goal each school year is to help build a foundation in Christ by teaching love and respect for self and each other.

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